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Электронная библиотека книг

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Электронная библиотека книг

Жанр(ы): Поэзия

Книга стихов предназначена для любителей поэзии, как пожилого возраста, которые осмысливают прожитые годы, так и молодого поколения, которое задумывается о смысле жизни. Книга написана автором в семидесятилетнем…

Тест на тему "Герундий", "Порядок слов в английском предложении"

Тест на тему "Герундий", "Порядок слов в английском предложении" – 2. Sheila is very upset. She isn't used.. being treated like that. c) was upset awfully. 14. The picture was very beautiful;.. . a) I very much liked it.He did his best to make his chin look determined. I shall speak to her.' Dad longed to be able to make the shop more attractive to customers, but Gran wouldn't hear of it. That really upset her because she was proud of her sausages and she ungraciously gave Dad the money to buy the freezer.We must make do (= manage) (with what we've got). После help может употребляться Don't make me). □ Так же может можно употреблять have и help (особенно в американском английском) If we are to win this match, we must all do our very best. It was 1491. Columbus was to reach America…

Зовнішнє незалежне оцінування з англійської мови – Which colleagues does the speaker have a positive opinion of and which a negative one? 'Ellie, my boss, is very astute and she can be very witty, but I find her assistant, David, a bit sullen and obstinate. Julia, who I sit next to, is a bit stingy and extremely work-obsessed.Did your teasing make Sidney upset? yes yes it did 😛 u smart a**. How does teasing effect conflicts? Teasing usually make conflicts worse. If you mean teasing it and making it upset, then that's not good for the salamander and can make you a meaner person because it's being a bully.In the sentence "Did our teasing make (Sidney) upset?" "make" is a transitive verb, which means it demands an object. In that way, the noun "Sidney" receives the action denoted by "make" and answers the question "whom?".

Зовнішнє незалежне оцінування з англійської мови

Infinitive clauses (1) – Справочник по английской… — LiveJournal – 1. I wish you'd stop teasing Jack about his fear of needles. Not everyone is as brave as you, you know! 4. Even just thinking about going in a lift makes Katie sweat. 5. I know Sally's upset about losing her purse, but how long is she going to walk around with that long face .9. We _ (sing) our favourite song. ‼HELP‼3)Put the verbs into the correct form to make third conditional sentences.1.If Paul (not invite) me to his (be) really upset.2.If she (enter) th … e competition, I'm sure she (win) it.3.They (go) in the sea if they (not forget) their swimsuits.4.We (not…2 Use the verbs in the correct form to complete the sentences below. • complete • drop out • apply for • graduate • enrol • hand in • win • do • study • attend 1 John's parents were very upset when he . of college and started working as a taxi driver.

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