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Family Vacations Can Leave A Long-Lasting Impact On A Kid's Happiness

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Family Vacations Can Leave A Long-Lasting Impact On A Kid’s Happiness

Family vacations aren’t only good for the soul, but also for children and the long-lasting memories that they can make from them. As a matter of fact, there’s a new report that says family trips can leave a positive impact on a child’s happiness. In other words, the more time you spend away from home, the happier everyone is.

According to People Magazine, family vacations with your loved ones is the one true gift that keeps on giving. Whether it’s a staycation at a local hotel and theme park, a road trip across state, or even one made across the pond, it’s something that proves to be beneficial for every family member involved. Not only do parents have an opportunity to rest and relax, but kids also get to enjoy the quality time they get to spend with their mom and dad.

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In addition, traveling with your kids not only helps you get away from the everyday stress of life, but it also benefits children and their brain development. That’s because many enriched environments offer kids new experiences. As a result, it triggers their social, physical, cognitive and sensory interactions in many different and positive ways.

Child psychologist Dr. Margot Sunderland agrees. She told the publication in an interview, “Think: family together in the pool, walking together through the forest, touching long tall grasses waving in the wind, toasting marshmallows on campfire, hanging out together under warm sun, feeling sand between the toes.”

Dr. Sunderland also points out that these experiences also turn on the genetic expression of the key brain that fertilizes the frontal lobes. This helps enhance functions such as stress regulation, attention, concentration, good planning and the ability to learn.

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“The brain fertilizers triggered in enriched environments are also associated with higher IQ in children,” she added. “So, spend time exploring together in a new space, and you’re making your child smarter.”

There’s even an older study to back this up. In 2015, British researchers conducted a survey with the Family Holiday Association on the subject. It was discovered that over 49 percent of those surveyed said that their happiest moments were during vacations with their family. A third even went so far as to say that they still vividly remember their childhood vacations, and addedd they were the most cheerful moments for them. As a matter of fact, another 30 percent of those surveyed said that they used their happy family vacation memories as a way to get through tough times.

So if you can, try to take your children on a few vacations while they’re young. It may benefit them more than you think!






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Gisele Bündchen Shares Details About Her First Date with Tom Brady – -Welcome back to the show.
-Oh, thank you.
How are the kids? -Oh, they're just beautiful
and awesome. Started kindergarten,
and I didn't cry, which is good. -Oh, that's good.
That can happen. -I did actually cry,
but that's okay. I won't tell anybody.
-Shh, shh, shh. -Won't tell.
Thank you for playing the game. You said you're not —
You don't really — -I normally don't play
those kinds of games. You know, we are usually a bit
more intense in our family. Like, I mean, sometimes
we do that one with the phone like that,
but I never played that one. That was the first time, so… And I got stuck with that thing
twice in my hand, so I don't know
if I was too good. -No, you were fantastic.
[ Laughter ] You said you play
more, like, physical — Yeah. -Your husband is very
competitive, obviously. -Yeah.
And you know what I found? You know, I come
from a family of five. I have five sisters. And we usually —
we used to play volleyball, so it was like a team sport. We all played in the same team. But Tom's family
is a little different. You know, his sisters are —
he's the baby, he's got three older sisters,
and they're pretty hard-core. I mean, when they play,
it's like — -Really?
They go for it? -You know that game that you —
Dodge ball, is it? Where you go, and you like
throw really hard at a person, And then they die —
they're out of the — [ Laughter ] -Well, yeah, if it's Tom Brady
throwing a dodge ball, yeah. That might happen. -But you would be impressed
because there is Maya, there is Julie, and, I mean,
they're pretty strong. They were softball players.
They're intense. -The whole Brady family
can throw? -Oh, yeah.
-Of course. -Oh, yeah.
-I would never play that. I'd be like,
"Hey, let's play Catchphrase." [ Laughter ] -Yeah, you might want
to do that, if you play. If they invite you
to play this game with the ball, make sure that
you're ready for it. -You brought a quick second
of you playing dodge ball against Tom Brady.
[ Laughter ] This is his sister versus Tom.
Look at this. -Oh! -Oh, my God.
What?! [ Cheers and applause ] -It's a little more intense
then what we just played, but it's pretty fun.
-Yeah. -It's pretty fun. -Where did you and Tom meet? -We actually had a blind date. Because it was a funny story,
because for some reason, everybody thought they needed
to, like, find me a boyfriend, so it actually
was my third blind date. And the other two were dinners, which I was stuck there
for an hour and a half, like, thinking,
"When can I get out? Where's my food?"
-Too long. -The third blind date
was actually Tom. And I was like,
"This is — That's it. I'm not going
on any more blind dates." And I figured,
"Let's meet for a drink," because, you know, a drink can
take three minutes or two hours. You know what I mean?
-Exactly. -You can go drink,
or you can go sipping. [ Laughter ] But, you know,
when I saw those kind eyes, I literally fell in love,
like, right away. I was like, "What?"
I mean, he was just so — You know how sweet he is. -Oh, I'm in love with him, too,
yeah. [ Laughter ] You can't help it.
Can't help it. -I understand.
I understand. -Now, tell me about this book,
"Lessons." I want to —
Why did you write this? -So, you know,
I believe in signs, and I had,
for the last three, four years, different friends
would come to me and share stories
about people in their life that was struggling with anxiety
or different things. I felt like,
"Well, that's very similar with something
I've experienced in my life." And I felt, "Well, if I can
share from a real honest and open pl–" You know, make them feel
like they were not alone. So I started writing letters to people
that I really didn't know. Just friends of friends, or… And the feedback I had is that
it really helped them. You know,
somebody was being bullied, they started an anti-bullying
program in school. A person was suffering
from anxiety, and some of the tips
I gave her helped her. So, I felt like,
"Well, there's just only a few people
that can get to me." So I figure, if I do an open
letter to talk about things, challenges I faced,
and things that have helped me, maybe I'll be able
to help more people. So that was the intention. -It's great,
because I've known you for a long time, but I — From just looking at you,
you go, things are pretty great. I mean…
[ Laughter ] -You know, that was actually
one of the big things, you know, I think I was
very judgmental of myself for feeling
the things I was feeling, because I felt like my life — I have a great family,
I have a great relationship, I have a great job. Like, why should
I feel this way? I didn't want to tell anyone
because I was very, just, you know,
just feeling like I'm not allowed
to have a problem, you know? And then, I kind of held it in.
-Wow. -And then, finally, you know,
the bubble burst, and then you have
to deal with things. And, you know,
it's been wonderful, but I had
so many different lessons. It's not just that.
It's the quality of your life depends on the quality
of your relationships. You know, that's huge.
-Yeah. [ Applause ]
-Because, you know, there are so many different — Be mindful with your words.
You know they're very powerful. We are creating
our own reality by our thoughts, by what we are feeling. We are putting — Where your attention goes
is what grows, so… -One thing in here that I like,
to help you with anxiety, you said breathing is a very
important key, which… -Yeah.
No, breathing I think is — -…I think I'm pretty good at,
but I… -Have you been meditating? -I have been meditating.
I got inspired by you. I have.
-Good. Then I'm happy. Because meditation is —
It really is key, because it allows you to — -Do you guys meditate?
Do you guys — [ Cheers and applause ] Not everybody. -You know what?
How about I teach you guys. There is a pranayama
breathing technique which is called
alternate nostril breathing, and it's
a pretty simple technique. -You're gonna teach us
how to breathe? -Can I?
Would you be okay with it? [ Cheers and applause ] -Of course.
-So, maybe we can just do it really quickly here,
but if you want to sit at home for 5 or 10 minutes,
it really is effective, because it balances the right
and the left side of your brain. So, basically, all you need
is yourself and your fingers. -Uh-huh.
And, usually, I use these three fingers,
and I put this finger in my third eye, or here,
just to kind of like — You know, that's just what I do. I'm sure there's
lots of different ways, so just put it here.
-Yeah. -And you're gonna
do a big inhale first. [ Breathes deeply ] And then, you're gonna
close your right nostril and exhale to the left. -Wait, I'm sorry.
Close your nostril? What did I miss?
-So, basically — So, basically —
So close the right nostril. -Oh, with your thumb.
-Yeah, with your thumb. And then,
inhale to the left side. [ Breathing deeply ] [ Laughter ] Close the left,
and exhale to the right. -Oh, and close the left
with the other finger. -And now inhale to the right. [ Breathing deeply ] And exhale to the left. [ Laughter ] Jimmy, are you doing it? -This is more advanced —
I'm doing both nostrils. -No.
[ Laughter ] -You just made millions
of people meditate right now, so thank you, and breathe. [ Cheers and applause ] -Do you guys feel good?
[ Cheers and applause ] They feel great! Gisele Bundchen, everybody! Her new book, "Lessons:
My path to a Meaningful Life" is available now. .

Increase Height | Grow Taller | How To Increase Height – So how do we grow taller? What's the
secret? I think I've probably had about a thousand messages and comments in total to do a video on this topic so without further ado let's begin now it's thought that genetics account for 80% of our final height but there are something
called environmental factors which account for about 20% of our final
height and that's what we're going to discuss today so puberty is when we typically
begin our growth spurt but we all grow at different pace now once we go past
puberty we generally stop growing so if you are
watching this video and you are in your adolescence that's fantastic
because this video should help you maximize your potential growth however
if you're not in your adolescence then please continue watching because there
are tips in this video that can help make improvements at any age ok so tip one avoid stunting your natural growth and the big players in this are caffeine and
smoking so the way that caffeine does this is by affecting your sleep because
sleep is vital for you to grow to your maximum potential and I'm going to
discuss sleep a bit further on now research has shown that smoking and even second hand smoke actually reduce height in children so if
you do smoke please quit or if you do have any family or friends that smoke
please help them quit and also ask them not to smoke around you ask them to
smoke outside so you're not getting that secondhand smoke I'll leave more
information on quitting and about secondhand smoke in the description
below for you to which moves us on to tip number two now to help you grow the
tallest possible you need to be eating a healthy balanced diet so you need to be
eating proteins you need to be eating fruit you need to be eating veg I know
it sounds like a grandma talking but it's true your body needs these minerals
so you can grow the tallest possible now I'll also leave a really useful link in the
description below all about healthy balanced diets it's by the NHS and I'd
highly recommend everyone to read it tip number three get enough sleep most of
our growth actually happens when we're sleeping and that's when our body
releases the most amount of growth hormone now if you're not sleeping
enough it's actually hurting the amount of growth hormone that your body
releases so you're actually not helping yourself grow to your full potential now
you're probably thinking well how would sleep should I get what's the healthy
amount well it all depends on your age and how many hours you get so what I
will do is I'll leave more information in the description below for you feel
free to check it out and if you're struggling to fall asleep I did make a
video on this a while ago leave a link up here and in the
description too tip number four is all about exercise now when we do exercise
it boosts our hormones it boosts our growth hormones
it makes the processes foods differently and it contributes to muscle growth now
all of this can affect our physical appearance including height now if you're
5 to 18 years of age you need to be aiming for 60 minutes of exercise every
single day so what you need to do is put those phones away and exercise but first
watch this entire video get all the tips and then put your phone away and go and
exercise I'll also leave a really useful link in the description below which has
got all the different age groups and how much exercise you should be doing tip
number five many people actually lose height without even knowing it think
about this you're watching this video right now you're either sat or standing but
how you sat how are you standing what's you're posture like so tip number five is all to
do with posture now think about this example for a second you've come to the
doctor's office you've come to the nurse and you've been asked to take your height now you probably don't stand slouched do you when you're getting your height you probably do what I do and you stand the straight as possible to get the best
result it might feel unnatural though so what you need to do is make good
posture your natural stance and you might think to yourself but Abraham
that's easy I just stand straight but it's a lot more difficult than that
what I will do is I'll leave a link in the description below
it's an NHS article on how to maintain good posture and I guarantee you if you
do it properly it will make a massive difference now some of the messages that
I received to make a video on this week's topic had been a little
upsetting to read so I just want to say please don't compare yourselves to
others I don't think I've ever personally
thought about someone's height when I meet them I focus on people's qualities and you
should do that too focus on your great qualities don't think about it don't let
it get to you and always remember that you're awesome see you next week all of these will contribute to your physical experience, experience, appearance without even knowing it think about it you're watching this video right now you (Mumble and Laughter) now it's thought that genetics account for about 80% (Laughter) hey guys thanks
for watching this week's video make sure to click that like follow or subscribe
button now to stay up to date with new weekly
videos .

Mark Wahlberg Has Been Waking Up at 2:30am to Work Out – Our first guest is one of the
busiest guys in Hollywood, he's also one of the coolest.
Please welcome my
friend Mark Wahlberg. It's so weird not being there. I'm giving a hug and a kiss. I'm hugging you, though. I know, I'm sad that
you're not here, too. I'm wearing your shirt. I like your sweatshirt
a lot, by the way. Yeah this is your
new clothing line. I like it a whole lot,
thank you so much. It's soft, super soft. The last time I saw you, you
were shirtless in an apron, and everyone enjoyed it. Yep, it was quite something to
see you shirtless in an apron. I know we didn't
discuss that part of it, but I thought, you
know, what I was going to try to invite myself
over to Melissa's house, I'd better show
her what I can do. Yeah. We all enjoyed it. Hey, you and Andy,
and we're going to talk about your
documentary, which I loved. I watched– are there
just three of them? I watched three last night. There's six episodes
in the first season. OK, well I watched
three last night, and in it you talk
about F45, which I'm really looking forward to. You and Andy worked
out together at F45. How do you think he did? And be honest. To be honest, did well for Andy,
but he was very sick after. There was lots of complaining. He complained like my
grandma used to complain. Quite a bit of complaining. Yeah, he likes to– yeah. But he, you know what, he
really did give his best effort. I knew he realized that
he was in over his head pretty early on, but he
continued to keep going. I think he vomited
after, but you know what? He also talked
about coming back, and I think, hopefully, when
the studios are reopened I'm going to hold them to that. And I want to get him and
you down to the studio. We'll work out again. Yeah, I think the three of
us should do it together, because that way– Andy, you're on mic, what? You're talking to the
control room and your mic. I'm sorry. Do you want to say something? Just that Mark and I like
to slap each other's butts every time we see each other. That is true. Somebody asked me
earlier, oh, Andy was slapping your butt
at the Super Bowl, you slapped his butt at
F45, it's just a guy thing. It's a buddy thing. You kind of keep each
other going, and you know. Yeah. That's what guys do. I was not checking his tush,
I was checking his form there. I see. I see. Andy, you're wearing glasses
while you're lifting weights? You're like, you have readers
on while you're lifting. Speaking of butts,
you accidentally showed yours on Instagram,
which, that's the way to get more followers Mark. That's what you do. Oh, I was trying
to show my cupping. My pepperoni pizza cupping
marks, there on my back. I had a back problem. And I was also trying to
show my Municipal Underwear, I have to send you
some of those as well. Yes please. Yeah, because you
have my underwear, now I need your underwear. Absolutely. Hey, you were filming in
the Dominican Republic and in the jungle,
what was that like? Did you run into
critters in the jungle? There were lots
of critters, lots of animals, all those things. But I think the thing that I
ran into that was most scary was a porta-potty that had been
out there for quite some time. But I did discover,
from a camping store, and you could buy your own
little portable toilet also has an enclosure, which is
a tent, which I thought was the greatest invention ever. I didn't get it, unfortunately,
until like three weeks– until the movie was over,
but I still have that, and I will be traveling
with it everywhere I go now. Wow. It seems like you could afford
something a little nicer than that, and you're
the businessman. Can't you just invent something
nicer than that, Mark? I thought, somebody already
had the patent on that. So I figured, you know, I could
either partner up with them, we could add some
porcelain to the chair. But it's nice, though, it's
plastic, but it's durable. It holds my weight, but
no, it was definitely one of the better things that I
have had when I was down there. Yeah. As far as, like, a little
piece of home and comfort. Yeah, not really a piece of
your home, but someone's home. So Mark, we talk about how
early you get up to work out, and it used to be 4:00 AM. Somehow, now, you've
moved it to 2:30 AM. What is going on? You know what? I'm just getting busier and
busier, and less and less time in the day to
get everything done. No, I started when I was
in Europe, I was overseas, then I would come home to visit. And then by the time
the family went to bed, I'd be up for the
rest of the night, so I'd usually go
to bed about 5:00 and wake up at, like, 12:00. And then I'd work out
and do all my stuff. But I'm looking forward to, when
I finish this movie that I'm shooting in Los
Angeles, I'm going to start getting back
to a normal schedule. I'll probably wake up at like
6:00 AM like normal people, and sleep in, and do
all that fun stuff. All right, well,
sleeping in is not 6:00 AM Mark, but let's show
the video of you doing pull-ups. And this is, just
so you all know, this is cut down from many
more, but we just kind of came in later. As my producer Matt
said, it was monotonous. It was like, there
were too many of them. So we just showed some of them. Look at you, about to be
50 years old, doing that. It goes by so fast,
but some days I wake up and I feel like I'm 80, and then
other days feel like I'm 15. I think my work
ethic and my drive continues to inspire
me to get up and try to be a better person
every day, and be a good example to my
kids with my work ethic, but then every once in a
while the body will just shut you down and remind you
that you're not a kid anymore. Yeah. But I'm looking forward to 50. I think it's a good reason
to have a big, big party. Yeah, all right. You let me know
when, I'll be there. Tell me about this
new doggie you got. First of all, I'm glad you got
another one, because hopefully it's helping your other
one be better behaved. Is it helping? No, champ actually took a
big chunk out of my finger, both sides of my finger
just the other day. I just started putting him while
he was sleeping on the couch, I wanted to put
him into his bed. And as soon as I went to
pick him, up he attacked me. But little JoJo,
little JoJo, yes. They are definitely
best buddies. They're getting along great. JoJo, his new thing is to
just get out of the house and make everybody
chase him as he's running around moving vehicles. So that's the only thing that
JoJo does to make us nervous. Other than that, he's very
well behaved and very sweet. Well that is an adorable dog,
both of them are adorable. That's Mark Wahlberg, and
his new show Wall Street. When you watch it, you
feel like such a slacker. I mean, anyone watching this
is going to be motivated to do more with their lives. Tell everybody, it's
really a documentary about all the things that
you're working on, right Mark? Yeah, I think we had
done Wahlburgers, it was a great opportunity
for us to kind of really promote the brand, but it also
a kind of family comedy that was unscripted, and this
is a much more serious look at what I do in my
primary business, which is acting and producing,
and then also with the sports nutrition, with F45, with
Wahlburgers, with Municipal, which we launched in the
middle of a pandemic, and also my car dealerships
and all the other business interests that I have. Right. But it's also, hopefully,
inspiring other entrepreneurs, because I don't want
anybody who's had an idea or had a passion and just
doesn't decide to pursue that for whatever reason. I want to encourage as
many people as possible to kind of go out there,
pursue their dreams, and make them a reality
through hard work. Yeah, I mean, it's amazing
because anyone who's followed you since you started
as Marky Mark, a singer, and then you move into
acting, and now you're this amazing businessman
and entrepreneur. It's really impressive. And you can see why
you're so successful, because your work ethic is like
nobody else's that I've seen. And you started the
show right as COVID hit, which was hard on a
lot of your businesses. And I think it's
interesting to show how that's affected businesses. Yeah, I mean,
obviously, everybody's been affected by COVID in
many, many different ways. We were just kind of
trying to survive it. Most things that
we worried about was our franchisees, our
partners, our employees, people who were going to be out
of work and out of business. People were losing their
locations and things of that nature, it was just– we were just kind
of telling the truth about what we were
dealing with and what was going on at the time. People are always saying, what's
the show going to be about? I would say, well, the
state of the business will dictate what
the storylines are. And of course, you know,
with all the closures and everything, it
was a difficult time. But you know, we're kind
of hunkering down, trying to make sure that we
can help our employees, and renegotiate the leases
for the franchisees, and things of that nature. So we continue on, we
continued to bet on ourselves, and hopefully we'll be able to
survive it, but unfortunately, a lot of people didn't. So we're trying to
do everything we can to help the people
that we've worked with. Yes, well you always do that. You always help other people. Your kids started
their own business. I heard they did a lemonade
stand, which did pretty well. That was a huge success. I mean, all we had to do
was have Magic Johnson. He drove by one day, and he
bought the whole stand out. So they've been very successful. They don't know– The valuable lessons
that you always learn are the failures, right? I mean, I go into
these businesses, and I've never been in
the restaurant business, and I've had to
learn the hard way through a lot of trial and
error and a lot of mistakes. But my kids started a
card-collecting business, which is a great pastime
that we've enjoyed together with my dad, and now I'm
passing that on to my kids, with the card boards. And Brendan and Gracy started
a hobby horse business, which took off. And then she basically gave
up the hobby horse business and then started a
belt making business. And, you know, it's
just nice to see that they're willing to work
hard, and they have interests, and I want to help them
pursue those things. But they've got to learn from
the mistakes, the failures. It's the losses, I
think, make you stronger, and hopefully will
make you more resilient and help you be
successful in the future. Yeah, I agree with that. I think it's the losses,
it's the falling down that builds character. And then you get back up again. Your oldest daughter was
not such a good driver. I'm wondering if she ever
got her driver's license. She hasn't gotten
her license yet, but she's doing
fantastic so I can't wait to give her first car soon. She's focusing more on her
studies now, but she, yeah. She finally realized that
it's not a game getting behind the wheel. She jumped out of a golf
cart and left me there to crash into [INAUDIBLE]. So we've gone back
to the drawing board. But she'll be driving
safe and soon, hopefully. I'm sorry, just– so she's
driving the golf cart, and while she's driving it,
she jumped out and left you? I'm in the passenger seat, yeah. She's messing around and I'm
like, you have to slow down. There's a sharp corner here. We're driving on
the golf course. And she started to take the
corner like, oh, it's OK. It's fine. And then she started to veer
off the road, off the path, and she just bailed out,
and I smashed into the lava. Oh my God. Well just to let you know,
our friend Corey Gamble flipped his golf cart into
a sand trap the other day. We were on the golf
course and he literally went into the sand
trap upside-down. That's not good. No. He probably had his license
taken away for a little. Yes. Not good. .