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Graph the function f(x) = 5(0.21)x.

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Graph the function f(x) = 5(0.21)x.

I assume you are working with an exponential function

f(x) = 5 * 0.21^x

All functions y = a^x go through the point (0,1)
so, clearly, yours must go through (0,5)
Now, when x=1, y = 5*0.21 = 1.05

Having reviewed the topic in your text, or online, you should now be able to sketch the curve. Just to make things easy, all exponential functions look basically the same. Just draw a typical curve, then label the axes appropriately.




Sep 24, 2019

Solve f(x)=x^4(x-1)^3 | Microsoft Math Solver

Solve f(x)=x^4(x-1)^3 | Microsoft Math Solver – first 100 trials done by program just incase you wanted to see the results. gives x then f(x) then whether or not f(x) was prime. Furthermore ignore first two tests my algorithm works but not forSee explanation. To pliot a linear function you only need 2 points. So the easiest way to plot a function is to substitute 2 integers to calculate the points. f(0)=1/4*0+8=8 Since there is a denominator 4 it will be easier to substitute 4 f(4)=1/4*4+8=1+8=9 Now we can draw the function. graph{(y-1/4x-8)(x^2+(y-8)^2-0.5)((x-4)^2+(y-9)^2-0.5)=0 [-32.47, 32.46, -16.23, 16.25]}1. Graph a function y=f(x) that satisfies all the following criteria: – xs lim f(x) = 0, lim f(x)=0, limf(x)=0 f(x)is continuous on (-0,5) and (5,00) f(-7)=-2, f(-4

How do you graph f(x)= 1/4x + 8 by plotting points? | Socratic – Answer: f(x) = 0.4·3^x. Step-by-step explanation: Exponential growth occurs when the base is greater than 1 and the exponent is an increasing non-negative function of the variable, or when the problem can be cast in that form using the rules of exponents.The graph represents function 1 and the equation represents function 2: A graph with numbers 0 to 4 on the x-axis and y-axis at increments of 1. A horizontal straight line is drawn joining the ordered pairs 0, 3 and 4, 3.The graph of f x =-1 2 (1 4) x-2 + 4 f x =-1 2 (1 4) x-2 + 4 is shifted downward 4 4 units, and then shifted left 2 2 units, stretched vertically by a factor of 4, 4, and reflected about the x-axis. What is the equation of the new function, g (x)? g (x)? State its y-intercept, domain, and range.

How do you graph f(x)= 1/4x + 8 by plotting points? | Socratic

Solved: 1. Graph A Function Y=f(x) That Satisfies All The – Find the intercepts and asymptotes, plot a few points, and then sketch the graph. f(x)=4^x Step 1. Find the domain and range. f(x) is defined for all real values of x, so the domain is the set of all real numbers. 4^x>0, so the range is f(x)>0 Step 2. Find the y-intercept. Let x=0. y= 4^0 = 1 The y-intercept is at (0,1). Step 3. Find the x-intercept.Which is the graph of f(x) = 0.5(4)x? Graph A Hal is asked to write an exponential function to represent the value of a $10,000 investment decreasing at 2% annually.Find f(x) for x = 0 f(x) = 0.5(4^x) f(0) = 0.5 * 4^0 f(0) = 0.5 * 1 = 0.5 The graph must contain point (0, 0.5). Now find f(1). f(x) = 0.5(4^x) f(1) = 0.5 * 4^1

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