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How Can Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development?

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How Can Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development?

How Can Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development? Raising children is not an easy task, but it can be gratifying. When it comes to raising a child efficiently, the most common approach is positive parenting. Positive parenting and how it affects personal development is a growing debate.

It is used all over the world by parents. Although some might not even know what it’s called, they’re essentially reaping its benefits by creating a positive atmosphere around the house.

Before we get into how positive parenting encourages personal development, allow us to shed some light on what positive parenting is.

What is Positive Parenting? How Can Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development?

As the name suggests, positive parenting is primarily taking a positive approach to your children.

Positive parenting refers to a state where the parent is rather friendly, calm, and encourages positive behavior. While at the same time, the parent also focuses on correcting the child’s behavior.

In simpler terms, positive parenting is based on communication and mutual respect. It is essentially avoiding negative approaches, including yelling and hitting. Positive parenting strictly discourages using adverse disciplinary tactics.

It focuses entirely on preparing your children for the future while correcting their behavior rather than punishing them for what they did in the past.

Positive parenting can help you build positive and healthy relationships with your children. Moreover, it involves taking active participation in your child’s life.

Positive parenting has long term benefits that you and your family can reap. For instance, a study that initially started in 1984 observed children as they grew up.

Positive parenting was encouraged in their families, which resulted in the children being more warm and affectionate.

When those children grew up and had families of their own, it was found that they used the same positive parenting on their children due to their own experience growing up.

Now we know the basics and understand what positive parenting is. Let’s move towards how positive parenting can encourage personal development.

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How Can Positive Parenting Encourage Personal Development: Impact of It on Personal Development

Positive parenting encourages personal development skills by strictly following a precise parenting style that is based on:

Positive parenting essentially rewards good behavior using positive discipline.
It avoids punishing children and instead focuses on educating children on bad behavior.
Positive parenting involves a better understanding of the child. It includes the fact that bad behavior is primarily a result of the child being in need of something.

The impact of positive parenting on personal development can be seen from the fact that children raised in harsh parenting environments often exhibit callous and unemotional traits.

Whereas children raised in positive parenting environments show warmth and affection.

Here’s how positive parenting encourages children to grow up to be significantly happier, self-confident, and respectful.

Positive Parenting Encourages Children To Be Calmer And Have Better Self-Esteem:

The fact that positive parenting discourages punishment and encourages communication allows the child to learn more appropriately about their feelings and have better control over them.

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Even as young toddlers, when their necessities are met with encouragement, empathy, and caring boundaries. They effectively develop a certain sense of calmness and self-esteem.

Apart from being confident, positive parenting allows your child to understand their abilities better.

In the long run, the child will learn better and be more confident and curious instead of being anxious and stressed.

Moreover, they also develop a certain level of problem-solving skills and grow up to be more responsible.

To further encourage your children to be more responsible, allow them to work alongside you, and ensure they develop life skills.

Whether it is cooking food, making the bed, or doing the dishes, the fact that if you treat them with love ensures they grow up to be helpful and responsible.

Positive Parenting Develops Empathy:

Simply put, empathy is the ability to determine how others feel and how to respond to their feelings accordingly. Positive parenting develops empathy considering the fact that children from their early ages learn empathy by merely observing.

Raising a child in a positive environment influences their personal development. It encourages them to be more empathetic as they grow older.

All that it requires is to be a listening ear to your child. Allow them to speak their heart out if they feel a sense of injustice. This will enable them to confide in their parents. It will allow parents to better understand how their child feels.

Positive Parenting Encourages Emotional Development:

Diffusing negative scenarios with a positive attitude will enhance your child’s emotional development. It will allow them to handle their feelings and emotions better.

Emotions have links to our lives and are the norm. This is why children need to recognize their emotions and be able to express them. Apart from learning to recognize their feelings, they also need to know how to deal with their emotions and feelings accordingly.

They need to be able to acknowledge sadness, embarrassment, anger, and fear, since one way or another, all of us have to feel these emotions.

Higher emotional development ensures children grow up to have more stable relationships and have a more heightened sense of security and self-confidence as well.

Positive Parenting Improves Logical Thinking And Reasoning Skills:

It can significantly improve logical thinking and reasoning skills. Positive parenting discourages negative discipline such as yelling and hitting, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there are no consequences for bad behavior.

Staying within positive parenting, you can use positive discipline and natural consequences to train your child better. Not only does this discipline your child, but it also teaches your child logical thinking and reasoning skills.

For instance, if your child gets in a fight with their sibling and hits each other, a natural consequence in such a case will be asking your child to keep their hands in their pockets.

This will stop them from using their hands as a natural consequence. The entire purpose of them keeping their hands in their pockets for a specific time period means, “If you can’t use your hands for good, don’t use them at all.”


Positive parenting encourages personal development by allowing you to take more time and communicate with your child. Positive parenting creates a bond between the child and the parent and allows them to confide in you.

Moreover, positive parenting can effectively encourage children to be calmer, have better self-esteem, improve their empathy, self-esteem, and boost their logical thinking and reasoning skills.

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How can positive parenting encourage personal development? – Parenting programs which teach parents to develop their children's emotional competence have reported positive results, and that the development of emotional competence in children improves their social behaviour. Children who are emotionally confident are more likely to interact with other…Positive parenting emphasizes warm, positive family interactions, and guides children by rewarding and So clearly, families benefit from positive parenting. But how can we make it happen? We need to keep their developmental limitations in mind, and give them the benefit of the doubt.Positive parenting builds healthier relationships between parents and children. The approach makes parents more sensitive, responsive, and consistent in interactions with their children, and it makes children happier, more optimistic, and more intrinsically motivated to choose the behaviors that…

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