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How many moles of K+ are present in a 343 mL of a 1.27 M solution of K3PO4?

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How many moles of K+ are present in a 343 mL of a 1.27 M solution of K3PO4?


Notice that every mole of this molecule contains 3 moles of the potassium ion K+. Remember this for the end of the problem…

0.343L K3PO4 x 1.27M K3PO4 = 0.43561 moles K3PO4

Now we use that conversion factor from the beginning:

0.43561 moles K3PO4 x (3 moles K+ / 1 mole K3PO4) = 1.308361 moles K+

Round to the correct significant figures:

1.31 moles K+

Source(s): PS: I think you meant to put this in Chemistry instead of Math.

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How many moles of ions will be present in 791.0 mL of… – – solution : number of moles of K₃PO₄ = volume of solution in L × concentration of K₃PO₄. = 791/1000 × 0.2. Therefore number of moles of ions will be present in 791 ml of 0.2M solution of K₃PO₄. also read similar questions : A ball is dropped from a height.If it takes 0.200s to cross.How are rules of B? A. C L two again equals a concentration times Volume concentration is 1.25 molars are volume eyes already Leader so I don't Calculate the concentration of all ions present in each of the following solutions of strong electrolytes. a. 0.0200 mole of sodium phosphate in 10.0…The chemical formula of potassium phosphate is K3PO4, so there is three times as many moles of potassium as there are moles of potassium phoshate in the molecule You need the molar solution to get the number of moles present in 6.52g of Zinc Sulfate.

SOLVED:Calculate the number of moles of each ion – How do I calculate the Normality of an acid or base from its Molarity? There is a relationship between normality and molarity. Normality can only be calculated when we deal with reactions, because Normality is a function of equivalents. Normality refers to compounds that have multiple chemical…How many moles of glycine molecules are contained in 28.35 g of glycine? Solution We can derive the number of moles of a compound from its mass following the same procedure we used for an element in Example 3: The molar mass of glycine is required for this calculation, and it is computed in…Solution concentrations are typically expressed as molarities and can be prepared by dissolving a known mass of solute in a solvent or diluting a stock solution. The molarity (M) is defined as the number of moles of solute present in exactly 1 L of solution.

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How many moles ok potassium are present in 343 mL of a 1.27… – (Assuming K_3 PO_4 is soluble ionic compound) Wha… (Assuming K_3 PO_4 Is Soluble Ionic Compound) What Mass (g) Of Magnesium Chloride Is Contained In 430.0mL Of Magnesium Chloride Solution That Has A Chloride Ion Concentration Of 0.193M?This is a step by step verification of the answer by our certified expert. Subscribe to our livestream channel for more helpful videos.Related Answer. How many moles of sodium chloride present in 250 mL of a 0.50 M NaCl solution ? The empirical formula of an organic compound carbon & hydrogen is `CH_(2)` The mass of `1"litre"` of organic gas is exactly equal to mass of 1 litre `N_(2)` therefore molecular formula of…

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