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MisConceptual Questions

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MisConceptual Questions

1. While driving fast around a sharp right turn, you find yourself pressing against the car door. What is happening?

(a) Centrifugal force is pushing you into the door.

(b) The door is exerting a rightward force on you.

(c) Both of the above.

(d) Neither of the above.

(a) Acceleration.

(b) Velocity, acceleration, net force.

(c) Velocity, acceleration.

(d) Velocity, net force.

(e) Acceleration, net force.

3. A Ping-Pong ball is shot into a circular tube that is lying flat (horizontal) on a tabletop. When the Ping-Pong ball exits the tube, which path will it follow in Fig. 5–35()?

4. A car drives at steady speed around a perfectly circular track.

(a) The car’s acceleration is zero.

(b) The net force on the car is zero.

(c) Both the acceleration and net force on the car point outward.

(d) Both the acceleration and net force on the car point inward.

(e) If there is no friction, the acceleration is outward.

5. A child whirls a ball in a vertical circle. Assuming the speed of the ball is constant (an approximation), when would the tension in the cord connected to the ball be greatest?

(a) At the top of the circle.

(b) At the bottom of the circle.

(c) A little after the bottom of the circle when the ball is climbing.

(d) A little before the bottom of the circle when the ball is descending quickly.

(e) Nowhere; the cord is stretched the same amount at all points.

6. In a rotating vertical cylinder (Rotor-ride) a rider finds herself pressed with her back to the rotating wall. Which is the correct free-body diagram for her (Fig. 5–36)?

1. (b) As you turn, you feel the force between yourself and the car door. A common misconception is that a centrifugal force is pushing you into the door (answer (a)). Actually, your inertia tries to keep you moving in a straight line. As the car (and door) turn right, the door accelerates into you, pushing you away from your straight-line motion and toward the right.

2. (e) In circular motion, the velocity is always perpendicular to the radius of the circle, so (b), (c), and (d) are incorrect. The net force is always in the same direction as the acceleration, so if the acceleration points toward the center, the net force must also. Therefore, (e) is a better choice than (a).

3. (c) A common misconception is that the ball will continue to move in a curved path after it exits the tube (answers (d) or (e)). However, for the ball to move in a curved path, a net force must be acting on the ball. When it is inside the tube, the normal force from the tube wall provides the centripetal force. After the ball exits the tube, there is no net force, so the ball must travel in a straight-line path in the same direction it was traveling as it exited the tube.

4. (d) The phrase “steady speed” is not the same as “constant velocity,” as velocity also includes direction. A common misconception is that if a car moves at steady speed, the acceleration and net force are zero (answers (a) or (b)). However, since the path is circular, a radially inward force must cause the centripetal acceleration. If this force (friction between the tires and road) were not present, the car would move in a straight line. It would not accelerate outward.

5. (b) A common error in this problem is to ignore the contribution of gravity in the centripetal force. At the top of the loop gravity assists the tension in providing the centripetal force, so the tension is less than the centripetal force. At the bottom of the loop gravity opposes the tension, so the tension is greater than the centripetal force. At all other points in the loop the tension is between the maximum at the bottom and the minimum at the top.

6. (a) The forces acting on the child are gravity (downward), the normal force (away from the wall), and the force of friction (parallel to the wall and in this case opposing gravity). In particular, there is nothing “pushing” outward on the rider, so answers (b), (d), and (e) cannot be correct.

7. The Moon does not crash into the Earth because:

(a) the net force on it is zero.

(b) it is beyond the main pull of the Earth’s gravity.

(c) it is being pulled by the Sun as well as by the Earth.

(d) it is freely falling but it has a high tangential velocity.

8. Which pulls harder gravitationally, the Earth on the Moon, or the Moon on the Earth? Which accelerates more?

(a) The Earth on the Moon; the Earth.

(b) The Earth on the Moon; the Moon.

(c) The Moon on the Earth; the Earth.

(d) The Moon on the Earth; the Moon.

(e) Both the same; the Earth.

(f) Both the same; the Moon.
9. In the International Space Station which orbits Earth, astronauts experience apparent weightlessness because

(a) the station is so far away from the center of the Earth.

(b) the station is kept in orbit by a centrifugal force that counteracts the Earth’s gravity.

(c) the astronauts and the station are in free fall towards the center of the Earth.

(d) there is no gravity in space.

(e) the station’s high speed nullifies the effects of gravity.

10 Two satellites orbit the Earth in circular orbits of the same radius. One satellite is twice as massive as the other. Which statement is true about the speeds of these satellites?

(a) The heavier satellite moves twice as fast as the lighter one.

(b) The two satellites have the same speed.

(c) The lighter satellite moves twice as fast as the heavier one.

(d) The ratio of their speeds depends on the orbital radius.
11. A space shuttle in orbit around the Earth carries its payload with its mechanical arm. Suddenly, the arm malfunctions and releases the payload. What will happen to the payload?

(a) It will fall straight down and hit the Earth.

(b) It will follow a curved path and eventually hit the Earth.

(c) It will remain in the same orbit with the shuttle.

(d) It will drift out into deep space.
*12. A penny is placed on a turntable which is spinning clockwise as shown in Fig. 5–37. If the power to the turntable is turned off, which arrow best represents the direction of the acceleration of the penny at point P while the turntable is still spinning but slowing down?

7. (d) If the net force on the Moon were zero (answer (a)), the Moon would move in a straight line and not orbit about the Earth. Gravity pulls the Moon away from the straight-line motion. The large tangential velocity is what keeps the Moon from crashing into the Earth. The gravitational force of the Sun also acts on the Moon, but this force causes the Earth and Moon to orbit the Sun.

8. (f) A common misconception is that since the Earth is more massive than the Moon, it must exert more force. However, the force is an interaction between the Earth and Moon, so by Newton’s third law, the forces must be equal. Since the Moon is less massive than the Earth and the forces are equal, the Moon has the greater acceleration.

9. (c) The nonzero gravitational force on the ISS is responsible for it orbiting the Earth instead of moving is a straight line through space. Astronauts aboard the ISS experience the same centripetal acceleration (free fall toward the Earth) as the station and as a result do not experience a normal force (apparent weightlessness).

10. (b) A common misconception is that the mass of an object affects its orbital speed. However, as with all objects in free fall, when calculating the acceleration the object’s mass is divided out of the gravitational force. All objects at the same radial distance from the Earth experience the same centripetal acceleration, and by Eq. 5–1 they have the same orbital speed.

11. (c) Each of the incorrect answers assumes the presence of an external force to change the orbital motion of the payload. When the payload is attached to the arm, it is orbiting the Earth at the same distance and speed as the shuttle. When it is released, the only force acting on the payload is the force of gravity, which due to the speed of the payload keeps it in orbital motion. For the payload to fall straight down or to follow a curved path that hits the Earth, a force would need to slow down the payload’s speed, but no such force is present. To drift out into deep space a force would be needed to overcome the gravity that is keeping it in orbit, but no such force is present.

12. (d) Since the penny is rotating around the turntable it experiences a centripetal force toward the center of the turntable, as in (c). The rotation is also slowing down, so the penny experiences a decelerating force opposite its velocity, as in (a). These two forces are vectors and must be added together to give a net force in the direction of (d).

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