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Nothing found for Recommended Verbs For Research Writing &rut=B5073A9F9Be3E3894E95B5E5Ca171C5C165F47C5F46C9Ca5B54570E52C780006

How to Write the Best Journal Submission Cover Letter If you’re looking for solid advice on how to write a strong journal submission cover letter that will convince journal editors to review your research paper, then look no…


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УМОЛЯЮ ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА! Очень срочное и важное...

УМОЛЯЮ ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА! Очень срочное и важное… – I've applied _ the position of sales manager. to. about. 3 ** Complete the sentences with words from Exercise 1. 1 You can buy trainers and boots in a shoe shop 2 I need some aspirin from the 3 My favourite … shop is the because it sells magazines and chocolate 4 Uke that…We should not be surprised that the students will take our word for it and wait for the clarification next class. So, it is important to keep our promises and get back to the students to answer their questions. All of these said, it is worth pointing out that not all the techniques and methods will work with all types…Exceptions apply to short words that are verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs: Writing (Note: in your References list, only the first word of a title will be capitalized: Writing new media.) Direct quotations from sources that do not contain pages should not reference a page number.

How to Introduce New Vocabulary | Skyteach | Find the word – Consider the following sentence: "Slaughter prep" means any activity by either prisoner or I doubt the pictures are nice.) Also consider the following sentence: The execution of a prisoner is made possible by the "slaughter prep." The detailed answer is that word is generally (but not always)…Check all that apply. context clues. ellipsis. inversion tone. word choice. Not Sure About the Answer? Find an answer to your question ✅ "To determine the precise meaning of a word How does Agard's use of vivid imagery and amusing comparisons focus the reader's mind on his message…Seeing a visual word cloud of your work might also help you assess the key themes and points readers will glean from your paper. If you copy and paste the text of an article related to your research topic into the applet, you can discover the common phrases and terms the paper's authors used.

How to Introduce New Vocabulary | Skyteach | Find the word

In-Text Citations: The Basics // Purdue Writing Lab – Which of the following is generally a method to determine whether or not to include certain details into your research article? Which of the following sections is not a basic section of a quantitative research paper?The transferred meaning of a word may be fixed in dictionaries as a result of long and frequent use of the word other than in its primary meaning. Hence the term transferred should be used signifying the development of the semantic structure of the word.Looking for ways to transform your academic English skills? With this article, you'll learn the most useful phrases to give your dissertation or thesis a real lift and make it sound authoritative, self-assured and worthy of a top mark. With every collocation there is a short definition and an example sentence from…

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Five Things You Can't Do On British Television – I grew up in the age of linear television, when most people in Britain had a 
choice of only four or five channels and when a lot of the nation watched 
the same shows at the same time.
And when a medium has that much power, it gets regulated heavily. Some of those regulations are sensible, and some do sound a bit strange if you've never heard of them before. I'm not including things that break other laws, or anything vague like "cause offense" 
that's true basically everywhere, just with a different definition 
of what "offense" means. These are things that you can publish on YouTube, that you might well be able to broadcast 
in other countries in the world, but that you cannot do on British television. Any demonstrations of hypnosis on stage 
must be licensed: and that's still true. The fine for unlicensed 
stage hypnosis can be £1,000. Local councils still regulate that. Because back in the 50s, that was a concern. Hypnosis was a bit scary. To the point where there was a glut of low 
budget horror movies about hypnotic possession. So stage hypnosis was licensed, 
and television hypnosis was banned. Now these days, that regulation isn't 
there because they're worried about some evil hypnotist taking over 
the world through the television, although that was a plot point in terrifying 
90s kids show The Demon Headmaster. Although, let's just say that child 
actors have got a bit better direction in the years since then. "I don't get it. I really Do Not Get It." But better safe than sorry. If you did broadcast a hypnotic 
induction to millions of people, then the chances are that 
someone is going to believe that it's done them some damage. Except. You can absolutely get 
away with that if you're careful. In 2009 illusionist Derren Brown performed a stunt in which he played out a "subliminal film" which he claimed would make 
some of the folks watching feel like they were stuck to 
their chair. He also said: "The film is not effective at a lower resolution, "so if it gets posted on 
the internet it won't work." Which is ludicrous. British television was low-bitrate 
standard-definition digital by then anyway. Those are lies. But they are a magician's lies, 
so they're part of the show. "…find yourself stuck, locked, glued, 
gelled, cemented, bonded, fused…" That's a textbook hypnotic induction technique. I mean that literally, I 
checked a hypnosis textbook. And there's almost two minutes of it, complete with slow-eye contact zoom! But he didn't say it was hypnosis. He never claimed to be hypnotizing people. He's just influencing with 
some words and some wavy lines and there were only five complaints 
about it to the regulator, who didn't investigate. But officially and legally you can't 
try to hypnotize people over the air. There's a list of sporting 
events, defined by Parliament, that must be available on free-to-air television. This goes back to 1996, when paid television 
channels, satellite and cable, were becoming a thing in Britain. Those services had a lot of money, and in theory, they could outbid the free-to-air 
channels for things like the Olympics, and Wimbledon, and 
football and rugby cup finals, and, uh, some horse racing. So Parliament put a law in place: pay-for television services 
cannot broadcast any of those unless the rights are also available at 
a fair price to free-to-air channels. Although it also works the other way. Free-to-air channels can't lock 
up exclusive rights either, because that would be unfair to the paid… look, it's complicated and it's messy, and there are all sorts of rules to try and 
establish some sort of level playing field while also making sure that the World 
Cup final doesn't go pay-per-view. Incidentally while I was 
researching this I found that other European countries 
have a similar list of events and there are some wonderful 
national stereotypes in there. Austria: World Nordic Skiing Championships. Finland: the Ice Hockey World Championships. And Ireland: the hurling finals. This all makes sense. Governments do not want events 
of national cultural importance, and those sporting events are that, they don't want those events to become irrelevant because they're only available 
to people who can pay. That's not in the modern sense of fake news, although the regulations say reporting 
does have to be neutral over here as well, but fake news in the War of the 
Worlds radio broadcast sense. You can't risk someone flipping through channels only to land on your fictional news story and think there's been some disaster. You can see this in action in Crisis Command, a brilliant and ahead-of-its-time show from 2004 where three people are asked 
to deal with a fictional crisis as if they were government ministers. The story plays out through 
fictional news broadcasts that use actual BBC reporters 
and actual BBC newsrooms. "Britain is under attack." So to get around the rule, the 
footage is always shown in context. Never full screen. There's always someone else in frame or walking through the shot sometimes. And the same happens in drama shows. A news report about the end of the 
world must always be in context. Now as far as I can tell no one's 
trying to get around this lately. The last time I know of, or at least the last time that 
something sort-of like this happened, was the now-legendary Ghostwatch, on Halloween night, 1992. It pretended to be a live ghost investigation hosted by genuine real-life trusted presenters and of course: it Goes Wrong. Now, it was introduced in context: "Screen One presents an unusual 
and sometimes disturbing film…" – but if you missed that context, 
well, it was a clever show. It knew how to use and misuse the medium, and it scared quite a lot of people. And it influenced a generation 
of writers and producers. Not technically news, though. Given the tabloid fury afterwards, 
no one's made anything similar since, although after nearly 30 years we are 
probably about due for someone to try it. There are exemptions for channels with low budgets and small audience shares and for broadcasters who are just starting out, but even from day one, as an absolute minimum, 10% of a channel's output has 
to have subtitles as an option. Once the channel's established 
that goes up to 80%. Plus, 10% has to have optional audio description. 5% must have sign language, even if 
that's just added on a late night repeat. Accessibility should be a right and a legal duty and occasionally channels do get 
called out for forgetting that. Controversial opinion: this should 
be true for YouTube as well. Not for small channels just starting out, but I do think that if you have 
the sort of YouTube channel that spends, let's say a decent amount of money, or a decent amount of time on– [Music] — it's like two dollars a minute maximum, or just a little bit of your time — [Music] "Oh look at me, I've bought a Lamborghini!" Buy some damn subtitles. Also… I could do a whole video on 
advertising law and product placement. I still intend to at some point, 
I've been promising it for ages. But I do want to highlight just one specific rule: 12 minutes per hour. The maximum amount of commercials 
allowed on all British channels. For some of the older channels it's even less, seven or eight minutes per hour. And that's it. There are a few other rules about how far apart commercial breaks
can be from each other and how long they can be and occasional small loopholes 
for odd circumstances, but the big number is: 12 
minutes per hour maximum. And that's not some rolling-average total. That's per hour on the clock, 
which means that channels will juggle their schedule by a 
couple of minutes to fit things in. If there's a less popular show right 
before a primetime ratings-grabber, that less popular show might have 
no adverts in the middle at all. Sure, they might still take a break, show a couple of trailers for their own channel that don't count towards 
that big time on the clock, but the schedulers will make sure that there's as much advertising as possible just before the top of the 
hour, just before the big show, and then just after the top of the next hour. There is an art to fitting all that in, and out of all these rules, this is the one thing that 
you cannot get away with. The regulator checks. They will notice and many channels have been pulled up on it. But there was one thing that I did 
notice while I was researching this. There is one other line in 
those rules which says that commercial breaks must be taken in a way that doesn't disrupt the flow of the program. I explicitly rules out that
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire trick where someone has just chosen their answer, and it's all dramatic, and the host says… "Time for a break." Like, it's really clear that's not allowed. There's no other way to read that sentence. But the show's hosts have been 
doing that for 20 years now and they've never been called on it. There are some rules, apparently, 
where entertainment can come first. .

The benefits of a bilingual brain – Mia Nacamulli – المترجم: Muhammad Baraa Karazeh
المدقّق: Ahmad Jarbou هل تتحدّث الإسبانيّة؟ هل تتحدّث
الفرنسيّة؟ هل تتحدّث الصينيّة؟ إن أجبت: "sí" أو "oui" أو "是的"
وتشاهد هذا باللغة الإنجليزية، فإنّ الاحتمالات أنك تنتمي إلى غالبية
ثنائيي ومتعددي اللغة في العالم وبالإضافة إلى وجود وقت أسهل للسفر أو مشاهدة الأفلام دون ترجمة معرفة لغتين أو أكثر يعني أنّ دماغك ربما ينظر ويعمل بشكلٍ مختلف عن
أدمغة أصدقائك أحاديّ اللغة لذا، ما الذي يعني أن تعرف لغةً ما؟ تُقاس القدرة اللغويّة عادةً في
جزئين فاعلين: التحدُّث والكتابة وجزئين غير فاعلين: الإستماع والقراءة بينما يكون لدى ثنائيّ اللغة قدراتٌ متساوية في
جميع المجالات في اللغتين، معظم ثنائيي اللغة حول العالم
يعلمون ويستخدمون لغاتهم بنسبٍ متفاوتة واعتماداً على وضعهم
وكيفية اكتسابهم كلِّ لغة، يمكن تصنيفهم إلى ثلاثة أنواعٍ عامّة على سبيل المثال، لنأخذ غابرييلا، التي هاجرت عائلتها إلى الولايات المتحدة
من البيرو عندما كان عمرها سنتين كثنائية لغةٍ مركّبة، طورت غابرييلا نوعين من الرموز اللغوية
في نفس الوقت، بمجموعةٍ واحدةٍ من المفاهيم، متعلمةً اللغتين:
الإنجليزيّة والإسبانيّة مع بدأها بمعالجة العالم من حولها.
أخوها المراهق، من جهةٍ أُخرى،
قد يكون ثنائيّ لغة منظّم، يعمل بمجموعتين من المفاهيم، تعلّم الإنجليزيّة في المدرسة، بينما يستمر في التحدُّث
الإسبانيّة في المنزل ومع الأصدقاء أخيراً، من المرجّج أن يكون
والدا غابرييلا ثنائيّ لغة ثانوييّن اللذيّن تعلّما لغةً ثانيّةً بتصفيتها من خلال لغتهما الأساسيّة. لأنّ كُلَّ أنواع الأشخاص ثنائيي اللغة
يمكن أن يصبحوا متقنين تماماً للغة بغضِّ النّظر عن اللهجة أو اللفظ، قد لا يكون الفرق واضحاً للمستمع العادي لكنّ التطوّرات الحديثة
في تقنيّة تصوير الدماغ قد أعطت علماء اللغة العصبيّة لمحةً حول كيفيّة تأثير جوانب محدّدة
من تعلّم اللغة في دماغ ثنائيي اللغة من المعروف جيداً أنّ
النصف الأيسر للدماغ هو المسيطر الأكبر والمُحلِّل في العمليّات المنطقيّة، في حين أنّ النصف الأيمن هو أكثر
نشاطاً في العملياّت الاجتماعيّة والعاطفيّة، على الرغم أن هذه مسألةٌ نُسب،
وليست اختلافاً بالمطلق حقيقة أنّ اللغة تشمل
كلا النوعين من الوظائف بينما تتطوّر
الكتابة الحرفيّة تدريجيّاَ مع تقدم العمر، قد أدّى إلى فرضيّة الفترة الحرجة. وفقاً لهذه النظريّة، فإنّ الأطفال يتعلّمون اللغات بسهولةٍ أكثر لأنّ مرونة أدمغتهم المتنامية تسمح لهم استخدام كُلًّ من
نصفي الكرة المخيّة في اكتساب اللغة بينما تميل اللغة عند معظم البالغين
إلى أحد نصفي الكرة المخيّ، عادةً ما يكون النصف الأيسر إذا كان ذلك صحيحاً،
فإنّ تعلّم لغةٍ في الطفولة قد يعطيك فهماً أشمل
لسياقاتها الاجتماعيّة والعاطفيّة بالمقابل، أظهرت الأبحاث الأخيرة أنّ الناس
الذين تعلّموا لغةً ثانيةً في سن الرشد يظهرون تحيزاً عاطفيّاً أقل
ونهجاً أكثر عقلانيّةً عندما يواجهون مشاكل في اللغة الثانية أكثر مقارنةً بلغتهم الأم لكن بغضِّ النّظرعن اكتسابك للغاتٍ إضافيّة، فكونك متعدد اللغات يُعطي دماغك
بعض المزايا الاستثنائيّة بعضها حتى ظاهرة، ككثافةٍ أعلى في المادة الرماديّة التي تحتوي على معظم
الخلايا العصبيّة والوصلات العصبية لدماغك، والمزيد من النشاط
في مناطق معيّنة عند الخوض في لغةٍ ثانية التمرين المتزايد الذي يتلقّاه دماغ
ثنائي اللغة طوال حياته يمكن أن يساعد في تأخير ظهور أمراضٍ، مثل:
الزهايمر والخرف بمقدار خمس سنوات قد تبدو فكرة الفوائد المعرفيّة
الكبرى لثنائية اللغة بديهيةً الآن، لكنّها كانت ستفاجئ الخبراء السابقين قبل الستينات، اُعتبرت ثنائيّة اللغة عائقاً ُيبطئ نمو الطفل بإجبارهم على صرف الكثير من الطاقة
للتمييز بين اللغات، وهو رأيٌ استند إلى حدٍّ كبير
على دراساتٍ خاطئة وبينما تُظهر العديد من الدراسات الأخيرة أنّ عدد ردود الفعل والأخطاء
تزداد عند بعض طلاب ثنائيي اللغة في اختبارات بين اللغات، وأظهرت أيضاً أنّ الجهد والانتباه اللازم للتبديل بين اللغات أثار المزيد من النشاط، وربما عزّزت الفص الجبهي
الظهراني الوحشي هذا الجزء من دماعنا الذي
له دورٌ كبيرٌ في المهام التنفيذيّة، وحلِّ المشاكل،
والتبديل بين المهام، والتركيز أثناء تصفية
المعلومات التي لا علاقة لها بالموضوع. لذا، بينما قد لا تجعلك ثنائية اللغة
أذكى بالضرورة، فهي تجعل دماغك صحيّاً أكثر،
ومشاركاً بشكلٍ معقدٍ ونشط، وحتى إن لم يكن حظُّك جيداً في تعلُّم لغةٍ ثانية كطفل، فإنّه لم يفت الأوان بعد
لتقدِّم لنفسك خدمةً وتقوم بقفزةٍ لغويّةٍ من:
"Hello" إلى "Hola" أو"Bonjour" أو ""您好’s"" لأنّه عندما يتعلّق الأمر بدماغنا، فقليلٌ
من الممارسة قد يمكنه أن يقطع شوطاً طويلاً. .

How to use Select-to-Speak on your Chromebook – 嗨 大家好 我叫Laura 我来自Google Chrome
无障碍功能团队 在本视频中 我将会向大家解释 如何使用Chromebook的
文字到语音功能 首先讲讲背景 我们目前提供两种不同的
文字到语音功能 两者都可在Chromebook的
无障碍功能设置中找到 首先我们有ChromeVox屏幕阅读器 这是全系统的屏幕阅读器 可以随时启用 只要点击Ctrl+Alt+Z就可以
如在zebra中一样 每次当你移动焦点时
ChromeVox就会讲话 也可以用它读出
可刷新的盲文显示 ChromeVox适合 严重丧失视力失明人士 我们还有本系列中的其他视频
深入了解ChromeVox 如果你想要了解更多 就必需查看一下 另外,我们有一个
文字到语音功能 这使你能够 听到屏幕上某些文字被大声读出 有点像随选文字转语音 这对像我这样的人来说很有用 低视力的视障者
或任何在阅读时 因听着大声朗读的文字
而从中受益的人 对任何进行阅读训练或理解训练 新语言学习者或
很多其他人都有帮助 让我们开启这个功能 并看看不同的使用方法 要启用文字到语音功能
我会到Chromebook设置 打开系统菜单
然后单击“设置”按钮 如果你选择使用键盘 你可以按下Alt+Shift+s 按Tab键获到“设置”按钮 然后按Enter键 接下来我会在搜索输入
“无障碍功能” 然后选择管理无障碍功能 现在我进入到Chromebook
无障碍功能设置的列表中 我会到文字到语音功能部分 并打开"启用文字到语音功能" 现在让我们看看这项功能的
不同使用方法 我会到Google无障碍功能网站进行搜索 第一种可以使用的文字到语音功能 按住搜索键 然后使用触摸板或鼠标单击 并在想要朗读的内容周围拖出一个框 作为参考 我喜欢把拇指按在触摸板 然后用食指拖出一个框 如果我只是想大声朗读一句子 我可以按住搜索
然后只需单击那句子 所有人都应该能够浏览和
好好享受网络 我可以随时按控制来停止朗读 此功能的第二种使用方法是 使用 文字到语音功能按钮 当功能开启时 它会出现在屏幕的右下角 看起来像个细小的
声音图标与音频波 我可以用手指点击
或点按那个按钮 然后同样地使用触摸板拖出一个框 如果我使用配备
触摸屏的Chromebook 甚至可以用手指拖出一个框 开发人员&发布者 帮助你开发出 无障碍产品和应用的信息和资源 当文字到语音功能正在启用时 你也可以使用这个按钮停止朗读 文字到语音功能的第三种使用方法 是使用触摸板突出显示特定文字 突出显示后 我可以像选择一样
按Search+s 那么只会大声朗读那些文字 应该是无障碍的 如果你想选择非常精确的文字
而不是一大段文字 这将会是非常有用的 我一直在使用这项功能
你可能已经注意到 每个单词在朗读时
都会突出显示 这是可以自定义的内容
和文字到语音功能设置 我们现在来看看。 我会回到一般的
Chromebook无障碍功能设置 并在切换下开启此功能 我可以点击开文字到语音功能设置 在这里,我可以做几件事情 我可以更改突出显示的文字颜色 例如,我可以将它
从粉红色变为绿色 或者如果它分散注意力
我可以关闭突出显示 在这里,我还可以访问语音设置 现在我的语音设置为
使用系统的文字到语音的声音 要使声音个性化
我可以点击文字转语音设置 从那里可以自定义
语速,音高和音量 甚至可以听到我选择的预览 要注意我对系统语音的全局设置 所做的任何调整
如果正在使用ChromeVox屏幕阅读器 或其他文字转语音服务
也将生效 我也选择了不同的语音
语言或口音 我有一些声音已添加到列表中 包括无伴奏儿童合唱的声音 我通过Chrome网上店
从Acapella购买 我现在进行快速预览 嗨,我是文字转语音的声音 针对年轻用户时 使用孩子的声音真的很有帮助 一定要看看 这就是使用和定制文字到语音功能的 不同方式的快速演示 谢谢大家观看 如果你对Google无障碍功能
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