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Robin bought a computer for 50. It will depreciate, or decrease in value, by 10% each year that she owns it. Show all work. a) Is the sequence formed by the value at the be

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Robin bought a computer for 50. It will depreciate, or decrease in value, by 10% each year that she owns it. Show all work. a) Is the sequence formed by the value at the be

SOLUTION: Robin bought a computer for 50. It will depreciate, or decrease in value, by 10% each year that she owns it. Show all work.

a) Is the sequence formed by the value at the be

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-> SOLUTION: Robin bought a computer for 50. It will depreciate, or decrease in value, by 10% each year that she owns it. Show all work.

a) Is the sequence formed by the value at the be     

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Question 851705: Robin bought a computer for 50. It will depreciate, or decrease in value, by 10% each year that she owns it. Show all work.
a) Is the sequence formed by the value at the beginning of each year arithmetic, geometric, or neither? Explainb) Write an explicit formula to represent the sequence.c) Find the value of the computer at the beginning of the 6th year.
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Tech Week: Naprawdę bezprzewodowe ładowanie, walka o Gamestop i nowa Tesla za grosze – Today we will be talking
about wireless charging, but the electricity will be in the air There will be also a
digestive track, actually its ending, but just for a moment and without photos,
so there is no need to get excited.
Anyway, we will be talking about
what recently gets the US excited, meaningly, why Wall Street
that is a stock exchange market turned from a casino into a circus and what
impact Reddit and Elon Musk had on that. We will talk about a New Tesla with a steering wheel like in a plane. Planes don't have steering wheels,
anyway, you know what I mean. And a few different topics but
I can't reveal everything at the start because I'd have to say
"have a bearable week" before I say: Good evening 🙂 ♫ Intro ♫ We have a wireless charging.
Usually, we just lay a smartphone on a charger and it
charges "wirelessly". In service cars of Formula E,
wireless charging looked like this: Is this everything that charges the car wirelessly? So, there is four things
really involved in the wireless charging There is couple of base devices, which take
the electricity from the wall and convert that to a higher frequency There is that panel in a vehicle,
smaller than this cause this is built to drive across,
to kick, to stand on and on and on… So the vehicle pad is in a size
of an iPad, a little bit bigger than that sits on the vehicle And then it takes the magnetic field
that is produced here, converted back to an electrical field,
we have a small amount of electronics that interferes to the battery
management system and it's charging the car It is a fragment of a film,
which I recorded in 2016 and have never came out on this channel
because it was prepared in a partnership with a company, that didn't like,
that I mashed up voices of meowing cats as
the sound of passing Formula E cars /– Meow, meow, meow They asked me to remove it and I said no I've been uncompromising back then already. I treated it as an
interference into my artwork. It can't be that when you cooperate with
someone and it's just a product placement and someone tells you
what you should do with your film Although I know that some
YouTube creators do that – Don't do that!
it's bad for the whole industry. You have to be tough.
It's a placement, only this fragment in which a brand is located
can be judged. From the rest – fuck off.
Nevermind. Maybe I will manage one day to
cut off scenes from this film and release it as "retro". But we ought to talk about charging.
BMW i8, that I suppose still operate Formula E races, charge /from empty to full in an hour /Wirelessly.
/There is a small gap between these panels /and there is nothing in between.
Next step of wireless charging and the next concept looks like this:
/There is someting lamp-like on a ceiling but it's a charger that is
sending the electricity to various devices in a room/ I've seen it many times on expo,
but I can't find my report. Or maybe I thought
that it isn't interesting enough to record it,
or I lost it and can't find it in my stories. That's why I'll steal a fragment of a material from "Solid Stade Tech" channel. /There are plows
/on these toy trains. /Anyway, as you can see, when
/there will be an obstacle between them /eg. a man will wave his hand,
/then the connection is stopped. It was the state of wireless charging
technology development for years 2018-19 We're in 2021 and Xiaomi
comes out with something like this: /With a wireless charger that stands
/in the room and charges your smartphone /every time it appears
/in its range. /Slowly, beacuse it's 5W charging.
/Precisely, in theory beacuse 141 antenas are sending into the smartphone /1mm wide wave
/of a range of a few metres. /There is a possibility of
/charging a few devices at a time. /A smartphone doesn't have to lay down,
/it charges also when you're walking. This is beautiful and as it usually
happens in such cases, it's a prototype. /Xiaomi officially confirmed that they're
/not planning to release any device that /will be operating
/this wireless technology. And now a question: Why? Is this a nod towards
anti-5G protesteres? If this electricity would appear
right now, they would go crazy They wouldn't know
what to protest against Masts – with or without 5G – nevermind they can be set on fire, can't they? What about this wireless electricity? Set on fire houses of people
who look like they had this Xiaomi wireless charger? I have one more theory, connected with delays in vaccinations. ♫ If the majority of us won't
be vaccinated till the end of the year then why do we need this charger? it's obvious what it was created for. To charge Bill Gates' chips, which they're going to implant us Talking about this conspiracy that
will lead to chipping all of us. The tests for a disease, which doesn't
exist, because nobody have seen it – There are extras lying in hospitals,
on cemeteries probably too – then… You know how these tests are performed, huh?
Sticks are put into the throat and nose I've been through it and I must admit
that I've been not feeling well since then. You never know what's on these sticks And… It's something strange for sure. I will tell you in a secret that In China
they started to put people these sticks … Right there. [vocielessly] In the a*s /Supposedly such tests are more accurate,
/since virus is living longer in /the lower parts of our body,
/than in the upper parts. Tested people don't feel ashamed
since a hole in the nose, or a hole somewhere else
is still a hole. Moreover, there is only one hole
in the butt so the test is proceeding faster than
once into the throat and twice into the nose. The question is… Whether this method is able to be
transferable to our national Polish ground? I think so E.g. police can get warrants to test the protesters.
For their sake, of course. And priests can test in this way
the state of health of altar boys in churches Anyway, I want to point out that these are only my personal,
not supported by evidence assumptions. Maybe it will be the same with
these tests as with vaccines so not only ass but also… Change of topic. [flooey] What is stronger?
American stock market or Reddit? This is the question, that is hard
to be answered in simple words. But I will try. We all more or less know
how stock market works. For those who don't have a clue –
Very shortly. It is a place where companies are listed
and people can buy shares of these companies. Let's say: for 100 thousand you buy shares
of company X and If others want as well to buy this company's shares, then
their price is ascending with a time. It can increase by 10% for instance.
And then shares bought for 100 thousand have a value of 110 thousand
and you're 10 thousand ahead. It can happen that people are selling shares of
a company, beacause they don't want it anymore cause this company is not cool anymore,
something happened And the others don't want to buy it,
then the value of a company goes down and shares bought for 100 thousand
are worth 90 thousand. Well, you gain or lose, but generally
you have to have 100 thousand – it's a lot. That's why financial instruments were invented… You don't have to have these 100 thousand
It's not a muss. To earn a lot, you have to invest a lot That's why they they invented financial
instruments that allow you to put in a little and earn like you have had invested a lot. And without an explanation on what
forward contracts are… I'll say that you can bet whether
company stock will rise or drop. So, you hipothetically put in a thousand złoty but you operate like
you have had put in 100 thousand And you bet that stock will rise.
And if it will rise in fact then you earn these 10% of 100 thousand,
that is 10 thousand. After giving small amounts to various
institutions, you get your earnings. But if you will bet that stock will drop
and it will in fact drop by 10% In contrast to the first situation,
you are earning as well! So you can earn money on drops. Again,
as if you were operating large sums of money. so this is dope.
A problem arises when you bet that actions will drop
and they rise instead. Then you will have to subside the difference. As if you were operaing
large sums of money. So… Small input – large earnings,
but a chance of losses as well. Of course in normal cases there are
systems that defend you from such losses but they don't work when
fluctuations are sudden, unexpectable. And here GameStop company enters the game. /it's their European page. /The American one isn't working
/for some reason. /GameStop is a retail chain that sells
/games, consoles and accessories for gamers. /But they're doing it offline. You can find these stores in
American shopping malls. But people are attending them less often
at first – the pandemic and for second – who buys today… Okay, maybe someone buys games in boxes, but a majority of people
buys games online Therefore, no one considers GameStop retail store a company that
will be really developing
. GameStop is of course a company
that is listed on stock market. /Predictions about the future of GameStop
/were to be used by a hedgind fund – /Melvin Capital which predicted that
/GameStop will be going down /and the fund will earn money on that. It was supposed to be no financial terms. What's a hedging fund? /It's a kind of a investment fund ,
/that specialises in more /risky investments,
/i.a. betting rises or drops Americans don't like hedging funds
There's a widespread assumption that their activity resulted in
the big financial crisis of 2008. They have a grudge against the government,
then, later on and generally, That they were saving he financial sector
and ordinary people were losing houses and all they had. There is a belief among many people
that if someone wants to earn money on a drop of value
of some company then he earns money on someone's harm. He is some kind of a vulture. "Vultures are very important in nature"
– Economists may say, which claim that a short sell
is good for the market But nowadays, as an economist considers everyone who signed up on Twitter.
More later on! Reddit investors enter the game now /"Wall Street Bets".
/The group has 7 million users. /It was 4 millions a few days ago,
/so the situation changes dynamically. /On this subreddit people are generally
/discussing about stock market investments. And they said at a time: "Hey, the Melvin Capital fund
is a bunch of dodgers. who wants to forage on a poor GameStop.
And GameStop is us". /GameStop in minds of some members
/represents millenials' generation, /that was bailed on by the US government,
/which considered it not worth of investments. /That's why this generation will be
/investing into itself. /And that's why it will be
/investing in GameStop. It's not an action focused on earnings,
although many people actually earned a lot. It's more an attempt to show frustration rub off on dodgers from Wall Street, showing a middle finger
towards the estabilishment. The mass buying of GameStop
stocks leads to… /the ridiculous rise of stocks. Melvin Capital "closes the position",
meaningly withdraws from betting drops and loses. We don't know how much
but these losses are estimated for billions of dollars Others who were expecting the drop of
GameStop stocks are losing as well.. /No one should be surprised that
/In the action there is involved also /Elon Musk, who on Tuesday releases a Twitt
/with a link to "WSB" on Reddit. /Two days later he explains that due to him,
/"taking a short position", that is /betting drops is a "scam",
/which should not be legal. Meanwhile, a stock market
investment application– called "Robin Hood" and which is being
used by a lot of investors, limits investing in GameStop stocks and other similar companies that people
from Reddit has treated similarly. /In response occurs a raid.
/In Google Play store appears /over 100 thousand of one-star reviews
/of the application, decreasing the rating /from 4,0 to 1,0. /In response, Google /deletes 100 thousand reviews
/and a total score appears back /to the state before the raid of
/unsatisfied customers. Currently, the number of
negative reviews is rising again I don't know how it would be
when you will be watching this video. And the aggrieved are going to sue RobinHood makers. Twitter economists are very happy
because of this situation As we all know, signing up on Twitter, you get a MA degree in Economics as well So the discussion is wide & proffesional.
But the most interesting thing is that there appeared a Polish thread
in this situation It's about CD Projekt,
/which doesn't prosper well recently /because Cyberpunk had
/"a bit too much" bugs. /So the funds have placed bets on
/the drop in stocks of the Polish developer And here again appears Elon Musk,
who was presenting a new Tesla Model, more in a moment,
he places on the dashboard screen… /The Witcher. /And he adds that onboard computer
/is strong enough to , /handle Cyberpunk easily. The topic of CD Projekt bets is picked up
by "Wall Street Bets" from Reddit. Why? Because the drop in stocks of CD Projekt… was bet by Melvin Capital. /The situation repeats, although
/with much less intensivity /as in the case of GameStop, but anyway,
/investment funds are in reverse again. In the meantime so called "traditional
media" are trying to comment on /Anyway, this action shows how
/much decreased their clout. /and how much majority of people
/don't care about tv commentators /speaking that GameStop stocks
/are pumped up by /by Internet madmen. I have a maybe sad info,
but wake up! Internet is a real life! Such division into the real countries
is a year 1995 – it's slowly becoming a thing of the past. Was there a country or a group of countries to be able to quiet down the former
US president? Come to him and say: "Trump, shut the hell up"? Well, no. And what did Twitter, Facebook and YouTube? Exactly this. And that's why Mr Sakiewicz
has founded Albicla. I know how to pronunce it now. But I don't quite understand, why
I've seen him on Twitter recently. Cause if we will assume that various social
portals are different countries Then if someone says:
"I hate all these countries, cause there is no freedom here!
I'm gonna build up my own!" Then he would be in his own country. With these popes. And not that: "I hate other countries
but I came to visit.." What a height of insolence! Talking about driving… /If you want to drive, then do it
/with a proper power /in this case over
/thousand horsepower, an acceleration– /2s to 100, a range of – /over 600 kilometres,
/and a maximum speed of – /over 320 km per hour. /That's how looks specification of new Tesla Model S
/which already can be ordered /for a little over of
/half a million złoty /There is in fact a "Puberty" version
/for 400 thousand, but come on! /There is also a version for over 600 thousands, /which hase more horsepower and a bigger range. From the outside it is…
Well… Tesla. /Inside– /Steering wheel? /I don't know. /It has buttons /And only buttons,
/also as direction indicators. /It is steep but what's the most interesting,
/this car is supposed to have no gearbox. Meaningly, this Tesla is going to decide
on its own on the basis of the surrounding, obstacles and position, which gear to shift What is strange, beacuse it
may occur that you want to put in reverse,
but your Tesla begs to differ. You are stuck on the middle of the road and
argue but it will be fixed probably /Apart from that, there is the screen
/on which you can play not only /The Witcher but also Cyberpunk, what
/means that power of the onboard computer /is very similar
/to the latest consoles. /4 slots for wireless
/smaprthones charging /Second screen at the back /22 speakers
/with active noise reduction? I'm sorry. I've completely haven't noticed
that you lost your interest after I said "half million złoty". That's why there will be a
few fast but also interesting news. /Sony has released this new camera, which
/I was talking about /that it will be released,
/and it will cost around 30-35 thousand złoty /And actually I was right /This device records in 8k, here you
/have even a sample provided by Sony /It has ridiculous photographic parametres and it doesn't have a screen
leaned to the side I was crying because of that. Not for a vlogger it is.
It's a pitty though. /Xperia Pro has appeared as well.
/It is a bit smartphone and a bit a screen /or a monitor for the camera, which
/I was talking about a moment ago. /It is supposed to cost 2,500$ Fortunately, it probably won't appear in Poland
so there is nothing to be indigant for the fact that Sony offers us a smartphone
for over 10,000 złoty cause it doesn't offer in fact Not for a Pole it is.
It's not really a pitty though. Carl Pei – the one who left OnePlusa
has set up a new company but in fact he has set up nothing. /The company is called "Nothing"
/and by now we only know that /it willl deal with the electronics and
/one of its shareholders is /Casey Neistat. /And the rest of shareholders
/are even bigger fishes. /Among them there are: Reddit's CEO,
/co-founder of Twitch and the inventor of iPod. There appeared a new project of rules regarding electric scooters and
vehicles of a personal transport /On the page, which I'm linking below
/the film, you can read about the details. However, I'm not encouraging you to do so,
because reading these adetails is like diving in a ToiToi –
It's just a shitty project /Actually, everything worst that could
/occur in this project is there indeed /So maybe you will like it if you /sincerely hate scooters
/and other vehicles. Btw, dear Cyclists who benefit the most
from this project, because when this project will be passed then, in accordance with law,
we all with electric vehicles will squeeze into the bicycle paths and we will be
allowed to ride there with a maximum speed of 20 km/h so a bit slower,
some kind of road blockers, and despite of that there will be also
people who on bicycle paths WALK on roller skates or these 5yo children, who
sit across bicycle paths on their plastic skateboards,
also in accordance with the law there will be allowed to be there
So we are all going to have fun Council of Ministers has
already applied this project. Congratulations, well done! Now it will proceed to the Sejm. Not to say that everything's worst
is in Poland – I don't even want to start the discussion that "in Germany you can also drive up to
20km/h on scooters" or in Sweden And in the US up to 40km/h
and what about it? Am I supposed to go the US? Unfortunately, it isn't impossible now You'd better go to the Sweden or to Germany if you like to be rolling slowly on scooters Not to say that everything's
worst is in Poland… Daniel has sent me this
news on Instagram, thanks. Adobe Flash, that one that rocked
the Internet one day and thanks to whom we could
play these shitty online games. Adobe announced the retirement
of Flash in 2017 because it was already
pretty useless back then and the final date of the end of supporting Flash
was 12nd of January, 2021 And guess to whom this info for
3 years, over 3 years, (3 and a half) hasn't arrived? To the Chinese. Effect: /16-hour suspension of
Chinese railway traffic /It occured that the Chinese were
/managing the timetable via /Interface based on a Flash and noticed
that someting's wrong /only after Flash has been turned off and
their interface stopped working /After 16 hours they managed to get
system back to work On the basis of a pirate version of Flash
that didn't have information about the support expiration
in the code. And these are our future rulers. occupiers, invaders. But don't worry, it all will happen
so peacefully that you won't even notice. I have a few different worrying
Chinese stories but I'm not in the mood today Today I'm in the mood: "I will ignore the threat
as long as it is possible". Maybe it's the strategy for a few upcoming days Regardless whether you're gonna make
use of that… Have a bearable week! ♪ Park Lane feat. LaKesha Nugent – Love Survivors ♪ .

EyeTv Tutorial | Setting it up. – .