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The poem s mood is best described as its .

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The poem s mood is best described as its .

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The poem s mood is best described as its .

The poem s mood is best described as its FEELING.

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The poem s mood is best described as its

The poem s mood is best described as its – Weegy: The poem's mood is best described as its feeling. Question. Expert Answered. Updated 9/30/2016 10:32:22 AM. 0 Answers/Comments. 33,437,044. questions answered. GET. Answers. GET THE APP. weegy* * Get answers from Weegy and a team of really smart live experts. Popular Conversations.However, the one craft that truly stands out is the mood of the poem. Browning uses specific word choice, imagery, and tone to shape the mood into what can best be described as haunting. Given the topic of the piece, the reaction to find the piece haunting only seems natural. But Browning uses some very interesting ways to make a readerWhat line of poetry best imparts a reflective mood? As the heavy snow falls, the geese recollect sun-soaked shores. Read the haiku by Bashō. The poem's mood is best described as. Feeling. related papers. Haiku and Romantic Poetry, The Enlightenment and Romanticism;

Mood in Porphyria's Lover – – Mood and Theme in Poetry Poetry is about THINKING and FEELING! Therefore, when we study poetry, we are on a quest to THINK about the THEME and FEEL the MOOD! In poetry, the mood, or atmosphere, is the feeling that a poem creates in a reader.For example, a poem's mood might be imaginative, frightening, reflective, or lonely.The poem's mood is best described as its. feeling. The crane's legs What motif is presented in the poem? change. Birds scatter in flight The main feature that makes this a haiku is the use of. a 5/7/5 syllable pattern. Japanese haiku are similar to English romantic poems because they both.The mood of the poem is gloomy, melancholic, and reflective—which is reflected both in the poem's setting (still hearth, barren crags) as well as the poet's choice of words (the speaker describes himself as "idle," his wife as "aged," and his subjects as a "savage race" of hoarding strangers).

Mood in Porphyria's Lover -

Haiku and Romantic poetry Flashcard – – The mood of a poem is synonymous with its atmosphere. This atmosphere evokes a particular kind of feeling or emotion in the reader or the audience, if the poem is performed or read out loud. The theme is the overall meaning of the poem.Much of the poem's mood is conveyed through the speaker's choice of adjective to describe the scene and his loud imagery. The last light of the setting sun, for instance, is described as a "tumultuous avalanche," lending a somber feel to the poem.The poem begins with two stanzas containing concrete, perceptible imagery that establish the mood, theme, and basis for the message that the poem will build upon. It begins with broad strokes ("We grow accustomed to the Dark -/ When light is put away") and continues to describe how we "fit our Vision to the Dark -" as the "newness of

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