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what ability allows carbon atoms to form a large number of molecules?

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what ability allows carbon atoms to form a large number of molecules?

1) It has the valency 4,which allows it to combine with many other atoms & molecules.

2) Due to this variety of combinations – which has lead to many organic chemicals both in aliphatic & aromatic compounds,many of them are useful for sustance of a variety of life,& through evolution,this has stood the test of time.

Source(s): Common knowledge in Biology.

Carbohydrates- definition, structure, types, examples, functions

Carbohydrates- definition, structure, types, examples, functions – They are classified according to the number of carbon atoms they contain and also on the basis of the functional group present. Carbohydrates are widely distributed molecules in plant and animal tissues. Carbohydrates get associated with lipids and proteins to form surface antigens, receptor…Each carbon atom forms four chemical bonds. Carbon most commonly forms covalent bonds, which are two atoms sharing electrons, but also Carbon atoms can form chains, complex branches and rings. Carbon bonds with elements by sharing one, two or three electrons, which allows it to bond…Avogadro Number Calculations II How Many Atoms or Molecules? In addition, the two just above will have even another step, one to determine the number of atoms once you know the In the first example, I used iron, an element. Almost all elements come in the form of individual atoms, so the…

How Many Bonds Can Carbon Form? – …hydrocarbon molecules have a similar number of carbon atoms and similar physical properties. The fractions are listed below with the approximate boiling point ranges and approximate number of the biggest molecules make bitumen/asphalt – low melting solid used on roads as it forms a thick…Atoms form chemical bonds with other atoms when there's an electrostatic attraction between them. This attraction results from the properties and A common compound everyone is familiar with results from the chemical bonding of two atoms of hydrogen with one atom of oxygen to form a molecule of…2. Carbon atoms can form covalent bonds with up to four other atoms, including other carbon atoms. 1. a molecule with a slightly positively charged region and a slightly negatively charged region 2. The oxygen nucleus 2. What ability allows carbon atoms to form a large number of…

How Many Bonds Can Carbon Form?

ChemTeam: Using Avogadro's Number in Calculations – What ability allows carbon atoms to form a large number of molecules? The ability that carbon atoms to form large number of molecules carbon chains and carbon rings bonding together. Four main types of carbon- based molecules found in living things? Carbohydrate- can be broken down to…Carbohydrates are a class of biological molecules that contain primarily carbon (C) atoms flanked by hydrogen (H) atoms and hydroxyl (OH) groups (H-C-OH). Carbohydrates have two major biochemical roles. For one, they act as a source of energy that can be released in a form usable by bodily tissues.Significance of Carbon. Carbon is an element that has unique properties (exceptional ability to form bonds) that makes it essential to life on earth. What causes the atoms of a water molecule to "stick" together? This property allows carbon to form a huge variety of very large and complex molecules.

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