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What is the mass of the liquid in the vat?

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What is the mass of the liquid in the vat?

Get the volume and use the pressure to determine the density.

What is missing is the pressure is absolute or relative. I’ll assume absolute.

V = πr²h = π(0.3)²(2.7) = 0.763 m³

Pfluid = ρgh

Pfluid is pressure in Pa or N/m²

ρ is the density of the fluid in kg/m³

g is the acceleration of gravity 9.8 m/s²

h is the height of the fluid above the object in m

1.5 atm is 1.5•101 kPa

ρ = P/gh = (151.5e3) / (9.8)(2.7) = 5726 kg/m³

(possibly molten tin)

5726 kg/m³ x 0.763 m³ = 4370 kg

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