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What is the remainder when (3x^3 - 2x^2 + 4x - 3) is divided by (x^2 + 3x + 3)?

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What is the remainder when (3x^3 – 2x^2 + 4x – 3) is divided by (x^2 + 3x + 3)?









So the remainder of division is


College Algebra Tutorial 37: Synthetic Division and the Remainder...

College Algebra Tutorial 37: Synthetic Division and the Remainder… – You can use synthetic division whenever you need to divide a polynomial function by a binomial of the form x – c. We can use this to find several things. One is the actual quotient and remainder you get when you divide the polynomial function by x – c. Also, the Remainder Theorem states that the…What is the remainder when (x4 + 36) is divided by (x2 – 8)? The volume of the new rectangular prism is 450 cubic inches. The equation mc025-1.jpg can be used to find x. What was the side length of the original cube?So, when 23 is divided by 17, the remainder is 8. If the dividend is greater than the divisor, then we have to divide the dividend by the divisor and get remainder. Let us deal our problem in this way.

alegbra 2 Flashcards | Quizlet – From Remainder Theorem: When (x – a) is divided into polynomial P(x), remainder is P(a). so for one of these to be zero, x has to equal 2/3 or -4. This means that P(2/3) = P(-4) = 5. By inspection, k = 4.What is the remainder when x^4-3x^3+2x^2+1 is divided by 2x-1? Soln: We have various methods to solve this problem like common division, remainder theorem, factor theorem, synthetic division.The remainder is given by f(3). For what values of x is the expression tan(x)/1-2cos^2x defined?

alegbra 2 Flashcards | Quizlet

Remainder When 2 Power 256 is Divided by 17 – In mathematics, the remainder is the amount "left over" after performing some computation. In arithmetic, the remainder is the integer "left over" after dividing one integer by another to produce an integer quotient (integer division).When it is divided by x – 2, the remainder is -4. What are the values of m and n.Click here to see ALL problems on expressions. Question 988995: 1.)When the expression x^3+mx^2+nx-5 is divided by x+2 and x+3, the remainders are 2 and 13 respectively. When a polynomial is divided by (where is any real number) is .

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Module 1 Polynomial Functions
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