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Which of the following soil types is richest in organic material?

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Which of the following soil types is richest in organic material?

Dark-colored soil is richest in organic matter. Decaying organic matter, especially

plant matter, turns brownish-black – look at potting soil, which is rich in organic

material and is almost black.

Yellow soil may contain oxides of iron (inorganic) to give it that color, and blue or

red soil may contain clay, which is powdered feldspar or feldspathoid minerals,

which are also inorganic. So your best answer choice is B.

121 questions with answers in SOIL ORGANIC CARBON | Science topic

121 questions with answers in SOIL ORGANIC CARBON | Science topic – Review and cite SOIL ORGANIC CARBON protocol, troubleshooting and other methodology information | Contact experts in SOIL ORGANIC CARBON to get answers. Do we have an idea of the amount of organic material deposited annually in the soil for this kind of ecosystems?Soil, the biologically active, porous medium that has developed in the uppermost layer of Earth's crust. It is one of the principal substrata of life on Earth, serving as a reservoir of Chernozem soil profile from Germany, showing a thick humus-rich surface horizon with a light-coloured lime-rich layer below.Soil organisms are responsible for the decay and cycling of both macronutrients and micronutrients, and their activity affects the structure, tilth and productivity of the In human-managed systems, the soil biological activity is influenced by the land use system, plant types and the management practices.

soil | Definition, Importance, Profile, Composition, & Facts | Britannica – Soil is the mixture of rock debris and organic materials which develop on the earth's surface. Alluvial soils are intensively cultivated. Black Soil Black soil covers most of the Deccan Plateau With rain, lime and silica are leached away, and soils rich in iron oxide and aluminium compound are…Soil organic matter – general questions. Figure 1 Topsoil rich in organic matter overlaying a gravelly sand. Following the conversion of native vegetation to agriculture many have experienced a loss of Organic matter residues (plant and animal materials bigger than 2mm in size) also turnover and…There are 5 different soil types that gardeners and growers usually work with. All five is a combination of just three types of weathered rock You'll probably see a white layer coating the surface of the soil, your plants are growing poorly, and they're suffering from leaf tip burn, especially on young leaves.

soil | Definition, Importance, Profile, Composition, & Facts | Britannica

The importance of soil organic matter – Soils formed in this material generally have silty clay loam to silty clay textures, many different rock sizes and poor internal drainage. An example is the soil formed under Glacial Lake Agassiz in northwestern Minnesota and eastern North Dakota (Red River Valley of the North).There are seven soil characteristics that are used to classify the soil: composition, color, texture, structure The composition of the soil is placed into four different categories: inorganic material Soil that is black or a rich, deep brown is high in organic content. This soil is very fertile and is ideal…The level of organic material in the soil has a dramatic impact on soil fertility, as well as the grower's soil practices. Much of the technique required to successfully save seeds depends upon a knowledge of the different types of seeds and their physiological properties.

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