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Which sentence(s) uses the word

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Which sentence(s) uses the word “passing” incorrectly?

Which of the following sentence(s) use the word PASSING incorrectly or inappropriately?

(a) She did not have passing marks in mathematics.

(b) The mad woman was cursing everybody passing her on the road.

(c) At the birthday party, all the children enjoyed a game of passing the parcel.

I’m not passing on my assignment to you guys. Me and my friend disagree on the answer and we need to confirm.

I say usage in option (b) is incorrect. The correct sentence should be

(b)The mad woman was cursing everybody passing by on the road.

Reason: “passing her” would mean that everybody is passing through her which doesn’t make sense.

My friend says usage in option (a) is incorrect. The correct sentence should be

(a) She did not have pass marks in mathematics.

Reason: “pass marks” is the correct usage not “passing marks”

Kindly tell which is wrong and why? (It is possible that more than one are wrong)

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The Basics of English Sentence Structure & Word Order

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