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Which Theme in Hamlet is Reinforced by the Scene with the Gravediggers?

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Which Theme in Hamlet is Reinforced by the Scene with the Gravediggers?

The graveyard scene plays an essential role, raising the theme of mortality. In Act 5, Scene 2, the gravediggers make comments on mortality, equality, injustice as they are digging a grave. Hamlet is preoccupied with the issue and reflects on death and murder.

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This theme of morality runs through the play and connects the characters. The scene shows two gravediggers digging a grave for Ophelia. They are joking about death, discussing corruption, social injustice, and the equality of all people. The scene is significant and illustrates that death is inevitable. All people will end up the same sooner or later. This episode has an ironic tone and suggests that death equals everyone, no matter how rich and noble they are.

It is also the first time when Hamlet contemplates death in the graveyard. He is preoccupied with this issue throughout the play. Only in this scene, he realizes what it means to die. Pondering on murder and death, he holds Yorick’s skull. Hamlet reflects on the idea that all people – even the most energetic and powerful – in the end, die. It shows how much morality concerns the main character:

No, faith, not a jot; but to follow him thither withmodesty enough, and likelihood to lead it: asthus: Alexander died, Alexander was buried,Alexander returneth into dust; the dust is earth; ofearth we make loam; and why of that loam, whereto hewas converted, might they not stop a beer-barrel?(Act 5, Scene 5)

The gravediggers have a unique attitude towards death, which differs from the others. They discuss whether suicide is lawful and acceptable in Christianity. The issue of whether Ophelia deserves burial or not arises as well. She committed suicide, which goes against religious norms. If the woman weren’t noble, it would interfere with her being in the graveyard. The gravediggers regret that the poor do not have such freedom in committing suicides as the wealthy. They face death almost every day, and they treat it more easily, ironically. Their profession influences their attitude towards mortality. That is why they can even make jokes about it.

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Significance of the Gravediggers' Scene in Shakespeare's Hamlet

Significance of the Gravediggers' Scene in Shakespeare's Hamlet – In William Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet gravediggers' scene is one place where seriousness intermingles with the comic element . Apart from serving as a comic relief in the rising tragic action of the play,the grave diggers scene also deals with some other major and important themes of the play.Hamlet Themes. 'Theme' is an overarching idea, philosophy, and belief used in the literary works by a writer to show these concepts directly or indirectly. However, in the case of Hamlet, this single idea sometimes fail to cope with the issue in the face of various interpretations.The Gravediggers appear briefly in Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet, making their only appearance at the beginning of Act V, scene i. They are first encountered The penultimate scene of the play begins with the two clowns digging a grave for the late Ophelia. They debate whether she should be allowed…

Themes in Hamlet with Examples and Analysis – Literary Devices – Which theme in Hamlet is reinforced by the scene with the gravediggers? Do you think Hamlet deserved the ending to his story? Support your answer with a discussion of a scene. What makes Hamlet better than the plays Shakespeare had written before?The theme of revenge in Hamlet. There are two young men bent on avenging their father's death in this play. Hamlet and Laertes are both on the same Both women die in this play. Ophelia is driven mad by the treatment she receives from the three men – Claudius, Polonius and Hamlet – and takes…The scene opens on a bit of broad, rather low, comedy, the mumblings of morons and yokels. Shakespeare regularly employs the device of comic "relief;" only Probably the mest effective of these interludes is the porter's scene in Macbeth; the gravediggers' scene is similarly famous and effective.

Themes in Hamlet with Examples and Analysis - Literary Devices

The Gravediggers – Wikipedia – Though integral to the themes of Hamlet, it introduces one of the play's many structural oddities. From Maurice Evans's preface to the G.I. Hamlet (1946) Whether or not Shakespeare added the scene belatedly, it certainly provides comic relief as the two Gravediggers fill the familiar Shakespearean…Next Hamlet enters the scene with his friend Horatio and continues his fascination with death by questioning the gravedigger about the grave he is digging. Shakespeare's Hamlet is complex play where numeral themes are intertwined. These themes reinforce the development of a revenge…It's Act V, Scene 1 – the scene where Hamlet talks with the gravediggers/ clowns and Ophelia has her funeral. 5.1 Returning to Denmark, Hamlet walks through the palace graveyard. He talks to the gravedigger about the way bodies rot and confronts the skull of Yorick, a court jester he loved, but…

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