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Who might be the main characters in a world parents type of creation story?

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Who might be the main characters in a world parents type of creation story?

Find an answer to your question ✅ “Who might be the main characters in a world parents type of creation story? A) a turtle and a raven B) a powerful god and a human C) the …” in 📘 English if you’re in doubt about the correctness of the answers or there’s no answer, then try to use the smart search and find answers to the similar questions.

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Who might be the characters in a world parents type of story?

Who might be the characters in a world parents type of story? – A creation myth (also called a cosmogonic myth) or creation story is a symbolic narrative of how the Not Sure About the Answer? Get an answer to your question ✅ "Who might be the characters in New Questions in World Languages. Who is the main character in Agra in as big as a hen egg.Who might be main characters in this scenario? (for example, the parent or relative who bought the girl the science kit, a teacher who supports her passion of the subject). What are the main character's desires at the start of the story? What immediate obstacles stand in their way?Characters serve as the driving force in your story. Your characters create and push your plot forward. Readers can experience the world that you've created through your characters, both from the way that your characters interact with their The protagonist is the main character in your story.

Main Character Writing: 6 Ideas for a Strong Key Cast | Now Novel – "Adam and Eve" were simply characters in a story. They are not real. But, in the story, you When reading a short story, I might want to know more about the characters and what happens to Answer The Lutheran creation story is the Christian creation account found in the Bible primarily in Genesis.Such characters usually are a type of flat character, whose key difference often is that they might appear in more than one scene. Round characters don't have to be the main characters in a story, but they serve an important enough role in the plot or a subplot that giving their personalities multiple…But in MCU, there are three people who are the main characters and their story arc is also He started taking up responsibilities not only in the outside world even inside his own house. These three are the pillar characters of the franchise. The stories are mostly based around them, they have…

Main Character Writing: 6 Ideas for a Strong Key Cast | Now Novel

5 Important Characters to Have in Every Story | NY Book Editors – Types of Characters. Summary: These resources discuss character creation and development in fiction …your characters may react to the world in one of four ways. They may see this society and its Think about your favorite novel or short story—it's likely that the main character is faced with a…A world parents story is a type of creation myth that establishes the world as coming from a "parent." Sometimes, the world is said to have One of them describes eternal union of two parents and the creation happens when they part ways. The two parents are the Sky – male and the Earth…Characters may also be engaging if they are complex. The. idea of complexity in characters was introduced by Forster. A. flat character has just a single intention and a single role in a. story. people to characters who vary in type and quality. In discussing the. importance of creating vivid…

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The Origin Of Evil: The Devil – You might not be religious, but you’ve likely
had to deal with a fair bit of Satan in your life.
The pesky devil has shown up on the shoulders
of cartoon characters, acting as a counterweight to a good decision that appears as an angel
on another shoulder. He’s starred in numerous movies, getting
into the minds of innocent girls that had to undergo excruciating exorcisms, and he’s
been depicted in artform as living in a fiery underworld where wrongdoers spend eternity
wishing they hadn’t stolen that everlasting gobstopper when they were just eight years
old. On a more serious note, back in the day if
you were accused of being in league with this guy you were likely going to suffer greatly. What most of you don’t know is where Satan
comes from, so that’s what we’ll discuss in this episode of the Infographics Show,
The origin of Satan. First of all, why do we often use the word
Satan as another word for Devil? Well, it’s complicated, but a devil, which
is really a manifestation of evil, is what you could call a darker side of humanity. You might say the devil is chaos, our dark
for our light, the dualistic wrong for our right, and this is not something that only
the Christian religion came up with. After all, people that lived in brutal times,
whether experiencing famine, war, disease, or just horrific toil, needed a reason why
there could be good in the world and also horror. Devils and dark spirits run through most religions
and beliefs. Satan is just one devil character, although
we often refer to Satan as The Devil. That’s just because you’ve been brought
up Christian, or around Christianity. Mr. Satan, aka, The Prince of Darkness, comes
from what we call the Abrahamic religions, which are monotheistic (one God) religions,
which includes the big three: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We can trace Satan back to the Old Testament,
and he first appeared as a subordinate to God, or Yahweh. This devil wasn’t equal in power to God,
but the entity did mess with God. Abner Weiss, a psychologist and the rabbi
at the Westwood Village Synagogue in Los Angeles, told Live Science that indeed people wanted
a reason for why there was so much pain in the world; they needed a villain, and so one
emerged. “They hypothesized a kind of demonic, divine
force that was responsible for evil, arising out of the notion that a good god could not
be responsible for bad things,” he said. And so, the Old Testament included some of
these bad characters, possible usurpers of God’s power who were intent on creating
chaos down below where occasionally nothing grew, and animals got sick. We had such a character in the Book of Job. Job starts off living the life Riley, he has
wealth and a happy family. Then Satan, known as “the accuser” asks
God if he thinks Job would be so pious even if he had this happy life stripped from him. This accuser says that if Job suddenly found
himself a down and out with nothing, he would retract his belief in God. God of course likes a good challenge, and
he tells the accuser to take away Job’s happiness, kill his children, his servants,
and even cover him with boils. Job, left with nothing, muses, “Shall we
receive good from God and shall we not receive evil?” This is the beginning of the great dichotomy
of good and evil. Perhaps this evil was there to test us! We won’t go through the entire book of Job,
but you get the picture. A kind of Satan existed in the Old Testament,
a dark for all the light, but the dark was certainly no match for the light. The story of Satan being a fallen angel isn’t
in the New Testament. We get this story from the ancient Jewish
Book of Enoch. In this tract, 200 angels are given the task
of watching over humans; they are known as The Watchers. They don’t do a very good job and end up
sleeping with human women, while spreading sin around on Earth. They end up being forsaken by God and living
in dark caves. In the Jewish book of Jubilees, you have “Mastema”,
who is thought to be a Satan character, but again he is more of a tempter than he is outright
evil. He becomes a tester of humans, and he gets
the thumbs up from God to do this. Mastema also enlists some of those fallen
angels to do his work. There are many interpretations, but let’s
just say that this guy was a tempter of humans more than an adversary of God. Then you have the Second Book of Enoch. Enoch was a descendent of Noah, from the thriller
story about a flood and a giant animal-carrying ark. In that book you have a character called Satanael,
who is also one of those fallen angels. However, in the New Testament this terrible
fall of the angels just goes missing. There are lots more instances of a Satan-like
characters in the ancient texts, but we must move on and meet a more modern kind of devil. And so, came Satan as we know him, as depicted
in the New Testament. A Satan character appears in the story of
Matthew, wherein he tries to tempt Jesus away from his devotion to God. It’s similar to the Satan in the book of
Job, as the devil is up to his old tricks again and questioning piousness. But this is far from being a pitchfork-wielding
entity who gets on the nerves of holy men. The newer dichotomy presents this evil character
again as a tempter, although theologians tell us that this new character wasn’t a kind
of aid to God that was on God’s payroll to tempt people away from the Almighty. The devil now becomes a kind of opposite to
God, a ying for the yang, because if there was good in the world God created it, and
if there was bad, which there certainly is, then it must have been the work of something
else. Perhaps even, unlike the Old Testament, something
with almost as much power as God. One religious scholar tells us that this character
is often said to have been one of those fallen angels, although this is not clear. You have to remember we are talking about
many books written by many people over a very long period of time. This is why studying religious texts takes
up so much time and still people disagree. You also have the story of a devil we call
Lucifer, which for some is just another Satan. Lucifer, sometimes interchangeable as Satan,
rebelled against God and with other fallen angels waged war against God. You also have Beelzebub, a flying demon who
might also be Satan in one form or another. Yes, it’s confusing, but let’s just understand
that in at least the Christian religion, we have a lot of dark characters appear that
are an adversary of God or of goodness. These characters appear in other religions
as we said, but today we are talking about the Satan most of us know from early morning
evangelist TV or even those cartoons and movies we mentioned earlier. This tempter could also have been the serpent
in the Garden of Eden who tempts Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil
and so start a lifetime of woe for the rest of us that followed. For their sin the fledgling couple were banished
from the garden. Not only is the existence of such a couple
highly dubious in the name of science, but scholars of religion have different takes
on the tale. Nonetheless, we have a serpent who could be
said to be Satan, despite the serpent never explicitly being called that. Then of course you have this tempter working
to put Jesus Christ on the wrong track, but he isn’t as successful as he was in the
garden of Eden. You also have the Great Red Dragon, which
appeared in the Book of Revelations, which also goes toe-to-toe with God. But how did all this turn into a guy with
a pitchfork or a girl with a head that can spin 360 degrees? Well, the belief in an evil force didn’t
ever go out of fashion, as didn’t an adversary of God and good. You could say we just melded all the ancient
stories of evil and put one face to them, but a face that could embody lots of other
entities. Throughout history enemies could be said to
embody this evil force, as could anyone who went against the state or its prescribed religion. We’ve all seen politicians talk about God,
and then bomb people apparently not on the good side. To some extent, the opposing side is supposed
to be Satan, even in these times. People with mental problems were often said
to have been overtaken by this evil force, so we certainly stretched the devil as far
as we could. When women became naturally lustful, perhaps
they could have been said to have been a victim of evil. In the Middle Ages, Satan was active in the
minds of people, but his story didn’t have all that much power. In the 15th century Satan got some feet with
all those witchcraft trials that happened, and now this tempter of the past was someone
who could verily live down your street. In 1611, we got the English-language King
James Bible, which had Lucifer as a starring figure, literally as he was the “Morning
Star”. Satan was depicted as having cloven hooves,
which was related to the Greek God Pan, an erotic kind of God. We had works such as “The Divine Comedy”
and “Paradise Lost”. In Dante’s Divine Comedy we have descriptions
of Hell as Inferno, then descriptions of Purgatory and also Paradise. We started getting very creative with Satan,
and what was an evil nebulous force from the past started to take on a form we could look
at and fear. In the 16th century we had depictions of the
devil by great artists, such as Agostino Musi’s “The Skeletons” or Cornelis Galle I’s
“Lucifer”. The latter shows the devil as a horned monster
with wings, busily eating men. A lot more devil paintings would arrive, but
the artists had nothing to go on really. They were just being creative, and relying
on this story of a fallen warring angel rather than an entity that in times past did his
tempting at the behest of God. All said, we started creating a very scary-looking
devil, one that didn’t look that much different from ourselves, albeit if we were part beast. So, while the books of the bible don’t explicitly
describe hell with a Satan figure with wings and two horns that carries a pitchfork around,
we got creative with the story. He doesn’t always carry a pitchfork, and
it’s said that this depiction comes from the Greek God, Poseidon. In medieval art he took many forms, and later
we started portraying the devil to look almost like us, sometimes being able to embody us. To conclude, this thing we call Satan is a
mishmash of many different ancient stories. We have also put our own spin on Satan over
many hundreds of years. He has almost always been a tempter of humans
to go to the dark side, but in later periods that didn’t just mean not believing in God
but perhaps lying, cheating, stealing, or even dancing too hard like in the movie, “Footloose.” He changed from being not just the reason
why floods or famines or wars happen, but also a kind of boogeyman that inhabits the
minds of non-believers. Many Christians don’t believe in heaven
and hell, or even the devil, but might talk about the better angels of our nature and
being led astray by our self-destructive vices. To some he is a metaphor, not an actual entity. The devil, after all, might be best depicted
for some as that cartoon character that sits on the shoulders of another character who’s
about to do something bad or turn away from the bad deed. There are of course many others who believe
in a great reckoning when God beams the good guys to heaven and the rotten ones are left
below to their vices. We also see the devil in some depictions as
a necessary evil, artistic chaos for reason, as British artist and poet William Blake depicted. After all, surely bad needs to exist for good
to flourish, and surely cold, stern order comes out of scary, creative chaos. But that’s another story. What do you think about this? Tell us in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
Why Are We Afraid Of Friday the 13th. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time. .

When is Thanksgiving? Colonizing America: Crash Course US History #2 – Hi I’m John Green, this is Crash Course
US History, and today we're going to tell the story of how a group of plucky English people struck a blow for religious freedom, and founded the greatest, freest and fattest
nation the world has ever seen.
[Libertage] These Brits entered a barren land containing
no people, and quickly invented the automobile, baseball
and Star Trek and we all lived happily ever after. Mr. Green, Mr. Green, if it is really that
simple, I am so getting an A in this class. Oh, me from the past, you're just a delight. [Theme Music] So most Americans grew up hearing that the United States was founded by pasty English people who came here to escape religious persecution. And that's true of the small proportion of
people who settled in the Massachusetts Bay and created what we now know is New England. But these Pilgrims and Puritans, there's a
difference, weren’t the first people or even the first Europeans to come to the
only part of the globe we didn't paint over. In fact they weren’t the first English people. The first English people came to Virginia. Off topic but how weird is it that the first permanent English colony in the Americas was named not for Queen Elizabeth’s epicness but for
her supposed chastity. Right anyway, those first English settlers weren't looking for religious freedom, they wanted to get rich. So the first successful English colony in America was founded in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607. I say "successful" because there were two
previous attempts to colonize the region. They were both epic failures. The more famous of which was the colony of
Roanoke Island set up by Sir Walter Raleigh, which is famous because all the colonists disappeared leaving only the word "Croatoan" on carved into a tree. Jamestown was a project of the Virginia Company, which existed to make money for its investors,
something it never did. The hope was that they would find gold in the Chesapeake region like the Spanish had in South America, so there were a disproportionate number of
goldsmiths and jewelers there to fancy up that gold which
of course did not exist. Anyway, it turns out that jewelers dislike
farming — so much so, that Captain John Smith who soon
took over control of the island once said that they would rather starve than farm. So in the first year, half of the colonists
died. 400 replacements came, but, by 1610, after
a gruesome winter called "The Starving Time," the number of colonists had dwindled to 65. And eventually word got out that the new world’s
1 year survival rate was like 20% and it became harder to find new
colonists. But 1618, a Virginia company hit upon a recruiting
strategy called the headright system which offered 50 acres of land for each person
that a settler paid to bring over. And this enabled the creation of a number
of large estates, which were mostly worked on and populated
by indentured servants. Indentured servants weren't quite slaves,
but they were kind of temporary slaves. Like they could be bought and sold and they
had to do what their masters commanded. But after seven to ten years of that, if they
weren't dead, they were paid their freedom dues which they hoped would allow them to buy farms of their own. Sometimes that worked out, but often either
the money wasn't enough to buy a farm, or else they were too dead to collect it. Even more ominously in 1619, just 12 years
after the founding of Jamestown, the first shipment of African slaves arrived
in Virginia. So the colony probably would have continued
to struggle along, if they hadn't found something that people
really loved: tobacco. Tobacco had been grown in Mexico since at
least 1000 BCE, but the Europeans had never seen it and it
proved to be kind of a "thank you for the small pox; here's some
lung cancer” gift from the natives. Interestingly King James hated smoking. He called it “a custom loathsome to the
eye and hateful to the nose" but he loved him some tax revenue, and nothing
sells like drugs. By 1624 Virginia was producing more than 200,000
pounds of tobacco per year. By the 1680s, more than 30 million pounds
per year. Tobacco was so profitable the colonists created huge plantations with very little in the way of towns or infrastructure to hold the social order together, a strategy that always works out brilliantly. The industry also structured Virginian society. First off, most of the people who came in the 17th century, three-quarters of them, were servants. So Virginia became a microcosm of England: a small class of wealthy landowners sitting
atop a mass of servants. That sounds kind of dirty but it was mostly
just sad. The society was also overwhelmingly male, because male servants were more useful in the tobacco fields, they were the greatest proportion of immigrants. In fact they outnumbered women 5 to 1. The women who did come over were mostly indentured
servants, and if they were to marry, which they often
did because they were in great demand, they had to wait until their term of service
was up. This meant delayed marriage which meant fewer children which further reduced the number of females. Life was pretty tough for these women, but on the upside Virginia was kind of a swamp of pestilence, so their husbands often died, and that created a small class of widows or even unmarried women who, because of their special status, could make contracts and own property, so that was good, sort of. OK. A quick word about Maryland. Maryland was the second Chesapeake Colony,
founded in 1632, and by now there was no messing around with
joint stock companies. Maryland was a proprietorship: a massive land grant to a single individual named Cecilius Calvert. Calvert wanted to turn Maryland into like a medieval feudal kingdom to benefit himself and his family, and he was no fan of the representational
institutions that were developing in Virginia. Also Calvert was Catholic, and Catholics were welcome in Maryland which wasn't always the case elsewhere. Speaking of which, let's talk about Massachusetts. So Jamestown might have been the first English colony, but Massachusetts Bay is probably better known. This is largely because the colonists who came there were so recognizable for their beliefs and also for their hats. That’s right. I’m talking about the Pilgrims
and the Puritans. And no, I will not be talking about Thanksgiving …is a lie.
I can’t help myself. But only to clear up the difference between Pilgrims and Puritans and also to talk about Squanto. God I love me some Squanto.
Let's go to the Thought Bubble. Most of the English men and women who settled
in New England were uber-Protestant Puritans who believed the Protestant Church of England
was still too Catholic-y with its kneeling and incense and extravagantly-hatted
archbishops. The particular Puritans who, by the way did
not call themselves that — other people did, who settled in new England were called Congregationalists because they thought congregations should determine leadership and worship structures, not bishops. The Pilgrims were even more extreme. They wanted to separate more or less completely
from the Church of England. So first they fled to the Netherlands, but the Dutch were apparently too corrupt for them, so they rounded up investors and financed
a new colony in 1620. They were supposed to land in Virginia, but in what perhaps should have been taken as an omen, they were blown wildly off course and ended up in what's now Massachusetts, founding a colony called Plymouth. While still on board their ship the Mayflower, 41 of the 150 or so colonists wrote and signed
an agreement called the Mayflower Compact, in which they all bound themselves to follow "just and equal laws" that their chosen representatives would write-up. Since this was the first written framework
for government in the US, it's kind of a big deal. But anyway, the Pilgrims had the excellent fortune of landing in Massachusetts with 6 weeks before winter, and they had the good sense not to bring very
much food with them or any farm animals. Half of them died before winter was out. The only reason they didn't all die was that local Indians led by Squanto gave them food and saved them. A year later, grateful that they had survived mainly due to the help of an alliance with the local chief Massasoit, and because the Indians had taught them how
to plant corn and where to catch fish, the Pilgrims held a big feast: the first Thanksgiving.
Thanks Thought Bubble! And by the way, that feast was on the fourth
Thursday in November, not mid-October as is celebrated in some of
these green areas we call Not America. Anyway Squanto was a pretty amazing character
and not only because he helped save the Pilgrims. He found that almost all of his tribe, the
Patuxet had been wiped out by disease and eventually settled with the Pilgrims on
the site of his former village and then died… of disease because it is always ruining everything. So the Pilgrims struggled on until 1691 when their colony was subsumed by the larger and much more successful Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Massachusetts Bay colony was chartered
in 1629 by London merchants who, like the founders of the Virginia Company,
hoped to make money. But unlike Virginia, the board of directors
relocated from England to America, which meant that in Massachusetts they had a greater degree of autonomy and self-government than they did in Virginia. Social unity was also much more important
in Massachusetts than it was in Virginia. The Puritans' religious mission meant that
the common good was, at least at first, put above the needs or the rights of the individual. Those different ideas in the North and South about the role of government would continue…until now. Oh God. It's time for the mystery document? The rules are simple. I read the mystery document
which I have not seen before. If I get it right, then I do not get shocked with the shock pen, and if I get it wrong I do. All right. "We must be knit together in this work as one man, we must entertain each other in brotherly affection, we must be willing to abridge ourselves of
our superfluities (su-per-fluities? I don't know), for the supply of others necessities, we must uphold a familiar commerce together in all meekness, gentleness, patience and liberality, …for we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us; so that if we shall deal falsely with our
god in this work we have undertaken and so cause him to withdraw his present help
from us, we shall be made a story and a byword through
the world." Alright, first thing I noticed: the author
of this document is a terrible speller or possibly wrote this before English was
standardized. Also, a pretty religious individual. And the community in question seems to embrace
something near socialism: abridging the superfluous for others' necessities. Also it says that the community should be
like a city upon a hill, like a model for everybody. And because of that metaphor, I know exactly
where it comes from: the sermon "A Model of Christian Charity"
by John Winthrop. Yes! Yes! No punishment! This is one of the most important sermons
in American history. It shows us just how religious the Puritans
were, but it also shows us that their religious mission wasn't really one of individualism but of collective effort. In other words, the needs of the many outweigh
the needs of the few or the one. But this city on a hill metaphor is the basis
for one kind of American exceptionalism: the idea that we are so special and so godly
that we will be a model to other nations, at least as long, according to Winthrop,
as we act together. Lest you think Winthrop’s words were forgotten, they did become the centerpiece of Ronald
Reagan’s 1989 farewell address. Okay so New England towns were governed democratically, but that doesn't mean that the Puritans were
big on equality or that everybody was able to participate
in government because no. The only people who could vote or hold office
were church members, and to be a full church member you had to
be a “visible saint", so really, power stayed in the hands of the
church elite. The same went for equality. While it was better than in the Chesapeake Colonies or England, as equality went…eh, pretty unequal. As John Winthrop declared, "Some must be rich,
and some poor. Some high, an eminent in power, and dignity;
others mean and in subjection." Or as historian Eric Foner put it "Inequality was considered an expression of God's will and while some liberties applied to all inhabitants, there were separate lists of rights for freemen,
women, children and servants." There was also slavery in Massachusetts. The
first slaves were recorded in the colony in 1640. However, Puritans really did foster equality
in one sense. They wanted everyone to be able to read the
Bible. In fact, parents could be punished by the
town councils for not properly instructing their children in making them literate. But when Roger Williams called for citizens
to be able to practice any religion they chose, he was banished from the colonies. So was Ann Hutchinson who argued the church
membership should be based on inner grace and not on outward manifestations like church
attendance. Williams went on to found Rhode Island, so
that worked out fine for him, but Hutchinson, who was doubly threatening
to Massachusetts because she was a woman preaching unorthodox
ideas, was too radical and was further banished to Westchester, New York where she and her family were killed by Indians. Finally, somebody who doesn't die of disease
or starvation. So Americans like to think of their country as being founded by pioneers of religious freedom who were seeking liberty from the oppressive
English. We've already seen that's only partly true. For one thing, Puritan ideas of equality and representation weren't particularly equitable or representational. In truth, America was also founded by indigenous
people and by Spanish settlers, and the earliest English colonies weren't
about religion; they were about money. We'll see this tension between American mythology and American history again next week and also every week. Thanks for watching; I’ll see you next time. Crash Course is produced and directed by Stan
Muller, our script supervisor is Meredith Danko, the associate producer is Danica Johnson, the show is written by my high school history
teacher, Raoul Meyer and myself, and our graphics team is Thought Bubble. If you have questions about today's video
or really about anything about American history, ask them in comments; the entire Crash Course team and many history
professionals are there to help you. Thanks for watching Crash Course. Please make sure you are subscribed and, as we say in my home town, "Don't forget to be awesome." .

Most Uncomfortable Things You’ll Ever See – – [Narrator] Once in a while we encounter something so uncomfortable we wish we'd never seen it to begin with.
Whether you're a
self-proclaimed perfectionist or just love a good cringe, buckle up, because here's some things
that will definitely make your eye twitch a little. (smooth music) Take a look at this
photo and ask yourself,` what's wrong with it? This mind-bending image
caused mass hysteria online after someone first
tweeted it in July, 2019, and people struggled to figure out exactly why it looks so off. Can't quite put your finger on it yet? This menu belonging to
a UK fish and chip shop has inexplicably plated
up an appetizing meal with the peas upside down. Someone obviously decided
to Photoshop the veggies in rather than just
photographing a real portion. Either that or they
belong in stranger things. If misplaced peas are enough
to cause a viral meltdown check out this image and dread a name as
many things as you can. It seems simple at first,
but on closer inspection it's impossible to be certain what any of the strange objects
in this jumble of shapes actually is. The baffling photo
appeared in April, 2019. And one theory is that it's supposed to
simulate the experience of a stroke where everything
is hauntingly familiar yet. Totally unrecognizable,
despite speculation. One unedited version claims
that this is the answer. What do you see? Sandwiches are a well loved
meal for anytime of day. And although there's constant debate over which way to cut them and what filling is best. There are some pretty standard procedures surrounding the snack. This however is definitely
not one of them. PB and J may be a winning
Combo, but the thought of this sticky, outer
coating and dry bread center should be enough to make
anyone's skin crawl. I had reversed sandwich has
got nothing on the nightmare. This guy is dreamed up somehow. I don't feel like bread is a filling and processed sausage meat as the outside is going to catch on. But at least he looks
pleased with himself. Why can't people just eat things normally. Some people might see the appeal of this futuristic staircase. And although it's definitely
super cool to look at, for most this world would
be a total nightmare. For starters, the jumbled step placements. Are a real sight for sore eyes. And can you imagine
trying to leave the house in a rush or even worse coming
home and climbing them drunk? Not all marketing
strategies play out how they were originally intended and I'm not sure, this badge design is
getting the message across quite as well as its creators hope. No, you're not having an aneurism. The badge which reads
do it a different way and various directions. It's just incredibly stupid. Sometimes different doesn't equal better. Sometimes it does pay
to deviate from the Norm particularly where food is concerned. Trying out new flavors. Labors can be rewarding when you stumble upon a new winning combo, but who whoever decided to give
this horrifying hotdog a whirl should be tread for
crimes against humanity. The thought of the media minty flavors of this
meal are truly gag worthy. Imagine hard boiling an egg slicing into it to find there's
no yolk inside it at all. This was the case for
one Japanese woman who discovered the unnerving foodie
phenomena in December, 2016. Apparently this is actually
fairly common in Ag production. Although they don't usually make it through sorting the yolk lists. Egg is created one small amounts of reproductive tissue
enter the hens overdub, triggering the regular formation of an egg which is hilariously known as a fart egg. their interior design fails. And then they're just
deliberately sadistic ways to torture anyone who steps inside. And this bathroom is
definitely the ladder. The undeniably retro feel
of the room is no excuse for the horrendously
mismatched tab placement and angular mirror, which make it seem like the whole thing is leaning. Anyone would feel seasick in there and entering with a hangover
could spell disaster. No one likes to consider
themselves a sheep who follows the crowd in life. But anyone who does things
like this is far too reckless and needs to step back in line. My jaw hurts just looking at this photo imagining the amount of chewing involved in such an enormous bite. This person Bradley also
eats Kit-Kats like this or even worse like this monster. There's a certain supermarket etiquette. And although not everyone
behaves accordingly, this woman really pushed the boundaries for total grocery shopping no goes yes. This lady is seriously using
three whole loaves of bread his knee pads while she browses the
selection on the shelves. Does anyone really take bread selecting this seriously Selecting this series nail art is getting out of hand these days. He's with people thinking of all sorts of wacky new ways to
decorate their fingertips. But this unique new
take is to uncomfortable for words. Individually gluing each time grain of rice on seems like way too much effort for
this jumble of cringe Fest. I just hope someone took the
opportunity to say rice nails You get there. This aerial shot of a neighborhood in Florida is enough to
trigger anybody's OCD It might look like someone's been messing around while playing the Sims but this slap dash black
of conflicting houses and buildings was actually
built like this deliberately. It was likely planned
following regular Northeast Southwest coordinates before the rest of the neighborhood was aligned
parallel to the coastline. Instead. Thanksgiving is the perfect time for families to get together
and enjoy some quality time. But if there's one way to
ruin the gathering, it's this whoever took this photo definitely lost a loved one that day. They're just not sure which pumpkin pie murdering member it is yet. Footwear is a controversial
subject for some people but, I think we can all agree that these iron flip-flops
look pretty horrendous all around lugging two lumps of
solid metal around on your feet. Doesn't seem like an ideal
situation for a day at the beach. And I guess the chances of stubbing your toe might
be significantly reduced. Most kids and fun, loving
adults would love a water slide in their own backyard but I'm not entirely sold on this design between the incredibly steep
ladder tight-fitting tube an approximate one second ride. which would fire you into
the water at high speed. This seems like one seriously
uncomfortable slide. If you're a self-proclaimed
perfectionist, even the smallest thing out of
place can be incredibly frustrating, but one
homeowner hit breaking point. When they noticed this
after nine long years this horrendously mismatch
alignment, isn't something they'll ever be able to pass
again without looking at it. Having to move out I guess. whoever designed this control panel, clearly didn't want anyone
to leave the elevator. – On the correct floor at least The buttons on this thing look more like a bingo scorecard than a logical system of organization. And for all the confusion it causes it's probably worth just
taking the stairs instead. Imagine visiting someone's house for the first time and discovering this. When you head upstairs to use the bathroom most people would run in
the opposite direction but I'll bet the most curious among us would like to feel
this on your bare foot. And they had their way. It's seriously uncomfortable to look at the world's greatest monuments
are serious tourist traps and millions of people journey foreign wide to snap iconic photos each year. But can you imagine making it to the top of the Eiffel tower to see this this unlucky tourist was
just a few minutes late to see the towers shadow line up perfectly with the truck of Jardins su trocasero across the bridge. I guess they could always camp
out and try again tomorrow. If that last photo wasn't
enough to set off your OCD then try this one out for size. This walkie door in North
London has irritated people all over the internet who can't fathom. How out of place the sq
door looks on the street. The most infuriating thing about this is probably
that the postman has to lean slightly to deliver the
mail through the letterbox. We've all made the mistake of guzzling at glass of fresh orange juice after brushing our teeth
at some point in our lives. But even that combination pales in comparison with this criminal offender. It takes a true psychopath
to sacrifice a perfectly good cookie in such a reckless way. And if you don't see the problem here then you might just be one, too. There's always room for a little more
creativity in daily life. And if you're going to
do something like this then perhaps you should
reign it back in a bit. It certainly takes some
talent to organize your own body hair into a work of art. But those eyes are staring
straight into my soul. If dieting isn't quite
going your way, then maybe you should give this fork
a go for guaranteed success. Perhaps this was a product of a simple manufacturing mistake, or where it's one hell of a
torture device for anyone hoping to get some solid food into their body. A shutter to think how
frustrating this cutlery it would be to use. People will lead just about
anything nowadays, but as this really necessary,
I guess this would be one way to seriously confuse hotel staff. But it's a break really worth
the unthinkable soapy taste and clammy texture of this in your mouth. Even if just for a second. And the age of Bluetooth connectivity wired headphones are becoming
increasingly annoying but this solution seems more
uncomfortable than ingenious. The effort involved in feeding cord through each piercing
seems infuriating enough but just imagine walking away from your laptop and forgetting
they're still plugged in. No, this image is in Photoshop and it's
surprisingly, isn't it a collection of huge lumps
of raw red meat either. This outdoor furniture is actually made for Marble specifically Rose quartz which has been polished and sold. In fact, collectors in China,
go crazy over these meat rocks and the finest specimens
resembling marbled pork or beef can sell for thousands. So this media altar is probably priceless. Avocado is a favorite food
for hipsters and influencers ready to snap the perfect
hashtag brunch photo but there's something
incredibly disconcerting about this concept, this shaved
avocado is the work of artists. Dan Barrow, Wellman whose specialty is making
everyday objects as uncomfortable as possible. And photos, you just can't look away from. Getting stuck in traffic is
not enjoyable on most accounts but not much could be worse, than this 25 lane highway in China which just into four after
passing through toll booths a drone captured this hideously
uncomfortable jam in 2015 after thousands of Chinese
holiday makers got stuck after a national holiday on their way back to Beijing and August, 2010,
a similar incident occurred which lasted two whole
weeks with some drivers. You mean their vehicles,
only one kilometer per day and reporting being
stuck for five days in life. There are people who played safe, and those who like to take risks. And then there's this person, even looking at this photo is enough to cause an anxiety flare up. Let alone driving the car
with this full cup of Coke dangerously balancing vertically
one unexpected speed bump or emergency stop and it's game over. Anyone with the slightest OCD tendencies
would struggle to function after spotting this on
their bathroom floor. There's mildly infuriating. Missing tile is also a
real source of mystery. Was it always that way or
what exactly happened to it? Finding matching colored paint
might be the only a solution to this uncomfortable situation. This running track might not
seem particularly unusual but take a closer look at the numbers and you'll see why this
is so uncomfortable to look at. The most evil. I will have spotted that the number three is
actually stenciled upside down cannot see it. Now plenty of people idolize
their favorite pop stars and it's not uncommon
for kids to theme their own birthday around them. But this Justin Beaver cake is
certainly not child friendly. The likeness might be there right now but I wonder what this horrifying raw meat creation would look like
after it's been cooked. If there's one way to
make someone uncomfortable on their birthday, besides constructing their
favorite singer out of meat. It's serving them a cake like this one. Even if this stomach
churning message turns out to be a harmless prank no amount of convincing
is going to stab someone for being extra cautious with every bite. There's certain things
that are so hideous. You just can't look away. And this woman's bizarre
tongue is most definitely one of them he's enormous
cracks might seem like the result of some horrific accident but apparently this
genetic condition as tongue fishers is fairly common
except for say, it's totally painless and just
requires a little extra brushing but it's still uncomfortable
to look at which of these things made your
toes curl up the most. Let me know in the comments (outro music) .