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Why Is An Angioplasty An Incorrect Treatment For An Aneurysm?

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Why Is An Angioplasty An Incorrect Treatment For An Aneurysm?

As a nurse, I get asked this question frequently: Why is an angioplasty an incorrect treatment for an aneurysm? First, we need to know what is an aneurysm and what is an angioplasty.

What is an Aneurysm?

An aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel due to a weakness in the vessel wall. Aneurysm can affect all vessels, but it mainly affects more arteries than veins.

The most common aneurysm occurs in the brain and abdomen. 

Risk factor for aneurysm include:

High blood pressureIncreased alcohol useTrauma to the headIllicit drugsCigarette smoking.

What is Angioplasty?

Angioplasty is a nonsurgical procedure used to open up a clogged or narrow artery due to plaque. 

The procedures involve introducing a balloon tipped catheter into the arteries. Once in the artery, the balloon is inflating to “open up” the clogged artery.

The balloon presses the plague against the artery wall which widens up the lumen of the artery. Therefore, the artery is widened and the blood can flow freely.

Why is an Angioplasty an Incorrect Treatment for an Aneurysm?

Angioplasty is an incorrect treatment for an aneurysm because an angioplasty would dilate an already dilated vessel and cause it to burst.

The treatment for an aneurysm depends on the severity. It also depends on the location and the size, If the aneurysm is about to burst or it has burst, surgery has to be done.

The most common surgical procedure done to an aneurysm is “clipping”. Clipping involves the closing off of the aneurysm.

Stenting is also a common way to treat aneurysms. The main thing to take away is if you have an aneurysm, you need to have frequent follow-ups.

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My name is Phyllis Robinson MSN, RN. I have been a Registered Nurse for 27 years in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. I am passionate about cardiac care and heart disease. I also want this blog to be an educational tool that people can refer to for traditional and alternative treatment. I will blog on heart disorders such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, and high cholesterol.

I received my Nursing degree from Baltimore Community College.

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I have worked for almost 30 years in Critical Care with a focus on heart health. I am an advocate of preventive healthcare.

Why is an angioplasty an incorrect treatment for an aneurysm?

Why is an angioplasty an incorrect treatment for an aneurysm? – So the reason why Angioplasty would not be a wise decision to treat an aneurysm is that an aneurysm is basically a blood-filled bulge in the wall of a blood vessel.Treatment for an aneurysm may include a wait-and-watch approach, medication, surgery, or a combination of such approaches. In this detailed list, browse potential options for treating an aneurysm.Two patients, one with rupture and one with an aneurysm, were successfully treated with a covered stent, obviating the need for surgery. Two ruptures resulted in death. In addition to acute iliac artery rupture or perforation, late pseudoaneurysm or aneurysm formation at the treatment site have been reported.

Aneurysm Treatment: Which Option Is Best for You – The goals of aortic aneurysm treatment are to reduce the risk of complications from aneurysms. The major risk for untreated aneurysms is rupture, and as an aneurysm gets bigger, the risk gets greater. There are several factors to consider when deciding to treat an aneurysm with surgery, including:Angioplasty is an incorrect treatment for an aneurysm because an angioplasty may rupture the blood vessel wall.This Coverage Policy addresses endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysm and atherosclerosis (intracranial, extracranial), using angioplasty, with or without stent placement. Angioplasty is a minimally invasive procedure performedto restore blood flow through a blocked or narrowed artery. It is an alternative to carotid endarterectomy.

Aneurysm Treatment: Which Option Is Best for You

Complications After Iliac Artery Interventions – Seven months after the endovascular treatment, the enlarged neck remnant of the aneurysm was successfully clipped without difficulty. CONCLUSION: The simultaneous treatment of a ruptured aneurysm and vasospasm with percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and coils can produce a better outcome for the patient.Angioplasty is an incorrect treatment for aneurysm because this would worsen the condition and can lead to death if the aneurysm bursts due to the pressure applied by the widening of the arteries.Related to the treatment: Vessel blockage can occur after angioplasty of a narrowed artery. It can sometimes be treated with a stent. Vessel rupture following angioplasty occurs infrequently. This can sometimes be treated in the x-ray department by putting a stent with a covering around it (stent-graft) into the artery to seal the tear.

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