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You are standing at the top of a deep, vertical cave and want to determine the depth of

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You are standing at the top of a deep, vertical cave and want to determine the depth of


You are standing at the top of a deep, vertical cave and want to determine the depth of the cave. Unfortunately, all you have is a rock and a stopwatch. You drop the rock into the cave and measure the time that passes until you hear the rock hitting the floor of the cave far below. If the elapsed time is 6.7 s, how deep is the cave? Hints: (1) Sound travels at a constant speed of 340 m/s. (2) Consider both the time the rock undergoes free fall and the time it takes the sound to travel back up the cave. During the free-fall phase, the rock starts from rest, moves with a constant acceleration, and lands at the bottom of the cave. During the second period, sound travels at a constant velocity back up the cave.



Sep 30, 2012


3_hydrostatic-force_tutorial-solution(1) – Determine the magnitude and direction of the horizontal and vertical components of the force required to hold the cylinder in position. The space between the oil is subjected to a negative pressure of 8 Kpa. Determine the necessary vertical pull to be applied at the lower edge to open the gate.9. Deeply rooted – firmly implanted or established. E.g. "This book describes efforts to develop an approach to teaching and teacher education that is deeply rooted in the study of practice". E.g. "The idea of a biological root to human nature was almost universally accepted at the turn of the century".This will help determine cost and boring depth along with anticipated settlement and loads. Never drill your boring at the foot-print of deep excavations, generally lift station types, single pole As mentioned above, the proper depth of a boring is generally site specific and there is nothing better…

italki – Transform Your Academic English Skills With These 50… – It's impossible, given the conditions of the problem, that the well could be 26.5 km deep. So we'll keep the only solution as. We can see their sum is 3.5 seconds, 3.34 of which were taken to reach the bottom of the well, and 0.16 sec took the sound to reach the top.A stone is dropped from the top. If the speed of sound is 320m/ s and g =10m/s sq then the splash of the sound hitting the water is heard after how many second later? Time taken by sound wave to reach topDetermine the depth of the well. Most important in an investigation of an airplane crash by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board is the data stored on the airplanes flight-data recorder, commonly called the black box inspite of its orange coloring and reflective tape.The recorder is engineered to…

italki - Transform Your Academic English Skills With These 50...

Determining adequate depth of soil boring – Soil testing engineering… – If you drop a 5kg rock into a well and 7.5dsecs later you hear the splash, how deep is the well?? This means that it took the rock 6.83 sec to reach the bottom of the well and this being so (using Equation 1) Let the depth of well is = S meters. neglecting time taken by sound to come to top.How to use depth in a sentence. Example sentences with the word depth. Deep water is found close up to the coast of Sicily, Greece, Crete and the edge of the African plateau. Although petroleum wells in Russia have not the depth of many of those in the United States, the disturbed character of the…6.1 Well design Borehole diameter Borehole depth Completion of the borehole Measuring tools. The construction of a well, using manual drilling techniques is a complicated process. On the next down stroke, the hand (valve) opens the top of the pipe and the water squirts into a pit, in front of the well.

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