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10 times as many as 1 hundred or .

source :

10 times as many as 1 hundred or .

10 times as many as 1 hundred is 10 hundred or 1 thousand.

Further explanation

Consider the following sentence:

X times as many as Y refer to X multiplied by Y

Therefore, the phrase 10 times as many as 1 hundred is – can be rewritten to 10 multiplied by 100 is

We can say this is a simple multiplication operation, which is one of four basic operations, i.e.,

addition,subtraction,multiplication, anddivision.

However, the case we face is only a multiplication, not accompanied by another operation.

Let’s go back to our problem. We think naturally about this multiplication. 10 times 100 means there are two options like the following:

Addition of 10 as many as 100 times (there are 100 terms, this is too much written).Addition of 100 as many as 10 times (there are 10 terms, still enough to be written).

Actually both are the same.

10 x 1 hundred = 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100

We state it quickly.

10 times as many as 1 hundred thousand is

10 x 1 hundred = 1 thousand, or

Based on present sources, the proper questions are as follows:

10 times as many as 1 hundred is __? __ hundreds or __? __ thousand.

Therefore, we rewrite the results in the unit form as requested.

10 times as many as 1 hundred is 10 hundred or 1 thousand.


The commutative property of multiplication:

Learn moreExplanations and an example of a question about the four types of number form 9 ten thousand divided by ten 5000 is 1/10 of what Keywords:

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Hundred - definition of hundred by The Free Dictionary

Hundred – definition of hundred by The Free Dictionary – Define hundred. hundred synonyms, hundred pronunciation, hundred translation, English dictionary definition of hundred. n. pl. hundred or hun·dreds 1. The 10. (General Physics) amounting to 100 times a particular scientific quantity: a hundred volts. 1. hundred – being ten more than ninety.Example 3 hundreds is one hundred times as a many as 3 tens. Springboard to Learning In the ones period, have students place the appropriate base-ten block above each column of the place-value chart. Have students explain how many of the models for one place value are needed to create the model to…You can subtracts 10 from hundred 'n' number of times….Yes its logically true. where n is any integer denotes number of times you want to subtract. In short we can subtract 10 from 100 infinite times or as many times as we want………because its not mentioned in the question that we have to subtract…

PDF Lesson 1.1 | Materials n base-ten blocks – 1 thousand = 10 x 1 hundred (Say, "1 thousand is 10 times as much as 1 hundred.") NYS Common Core Math Grade 4, Module 1, Lesson 1, Practice Problem 2. Complete the following statements using your knowledge of place value: a. 10 times as many as 1 hundred is _ hundreds or…About hundred miles south of ___ England and within sight of ___ French coast lies the small group of ____ beautiful rocky islands known as ____ Channel Упражнение 4. Вставьте артикли a /an, the там, где это необходимо. As (1) ___ writer, I seem to spend (2) ___ most of (3) ___ time working at…Hundred definition is – a number equal to 10 times 10. — Rory Smith, New York Times, "As Contracts Expire During Shutdown, Players and Clubs Ask: Now What?," 11 May 2020 Men's professional soccer is the world's most popular sport; many of the players on the U.S. men's team…

PDF  Lesson 1.1 | Materials n base-ten blocks

How many times can you subtract ten from hundred? – Quora – Related Questions. What is 10 times as many as 1 hundred is ? We get married a few times in our lives, have a couple of hundred close friends, a couple of thousand friends and acquaintances but we enterinto hundreds of thousands of contracts.Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. Only RUB 193.34/month. "10 times as many as".First, we need to complete Equation-1. Both sides are divided by 100, in other words, multiplied by . Turn this equation over so that the position of variable X is on the left side. We get, – – Conclusions. 10 times as many as 1 hundred is 10 hundreds 1 blank thousand.

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