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What part of the coordinate plane is equidistant from the points A(-3,2) and B(3,2) explain?

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What part of the coordinate plane is equidistant from the points A(-3,2) and B(3,2) explain?

Let point A = (3,2) and point B = (-3,2).  Now imagine a point P with coordinates (x,y) in the coordinate plane.  The distance from point A to P is:

dA2 = (y-2)2 + (x-3)2

The distance from from point B to point P is:

dB2 = (y-2)2 + (x-(-3))2 = (y-2)2 + (x+3)2

Point P is equidistant from points A and B if dA = dB (or dA2 = dB2).  So let’s set them equal and solve for x and y:

(y-2)2 + (x-3)2 = (y-2)2 + (x+3)2

(x-3)2 = (x+3)2

x2 – 6x + 9 = x2 + 6x + 9

0 = 12x

x = 0

This is the equation of a vertical line through the point x=0.  In other words, it is the y-axis.  So the part of the plane equidistant from points A and B are all points along the y-axis.

If you plot points A and B on graph, you can see that point B is a reflection of point A across the y-axis.  The y-axis is thus the axis of symmetry and all points along it are equidistant from points A and B.  If you draw a line from point A and point B to any point P on the y-axis, you can see that the distances are equal.

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